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Onyendi Chukwudi
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 Art is a strong means of conveying experiences and addressing issues around me. My work examines socio-cultural issues. My society, composed of lives battered by bad governance, insecurities and lack, adopt some survivalist attitudes. It drowns its sorrows, renews its strength and regains its hopes from beers and other sort of drinks. My work and material captures this lifestyle and represents the many lives of my society. In bars, along streets and other places are drink residues - containers. To me they portray the many lives of my society deposited with latent energies by their consumers – my society. But I have learned through my art to shape them to aesthetic forms, giving them meanings anew.


I hail from Abia, Nigeria, though based in Anambra, Nigeria. I hold a bachelors degree and a Masters degree in Art from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Art is a strong means of expressing myself. I have participated in several art exhibitions and executed several art projects. I am a writer who has written a lot of works, especially those related to art.


Exploring using aluminum drink containers, processes like shredding, stapling and bonding inform my work. Juxtaposing, interlacing and overlapping feature in my arrangement procedure. My method might vary but my material for some time has maintained a recurring allure. When they are not similar, they are linked by similarities in formal concerns. The deployment of the material in my work is structured to enable in formal arrangements interesting and engaging components. I deploy elements of line, shape, colour and form having them woven round principles of variety, repeat, emphasis and balance to create a visual harmony. At every production new ideas and areas of interest arise leading to a new body of work. My work in all, takes various forms intended to evolve new and unpredictable aesthetic experiences on the beholder, enabling associations. The arrangements in my work suggest a lot, not limited alone to the varying lives of my society- the ups and downs. My explorations fall within the canon of modern. Though they might be aesthetic they can attain a practical, functional status.


I specialize in sculpture and also produce paintings of engaging quality out of Acrylics and at times oil. My sculptures at times, especially in the course of my MFA program, maintain a functional allure. However, of late I explore on drink containers, deploying a dialect with a painterly attribute, and interrogating a form of aesthetics inhered in discards.

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