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CURRICULUM VITAEP a n c h o M a l e z a n o v Born in Sofia in 1964. Graduated from Secondary Art School in Sofia in 1984. Participated in general exhibitions in major galleries in Sofia in 1988-1989.SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 – Art Moore House, London U.K. 2017 - Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London, United Kingdom 2016 – The Art Fondation, Sofia, Bulgaria 2016 – Pentimento Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2015 – Nataly Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2014 – Artamoncev Gallery Sofia Bulgaria 2011- Anima Art Gallery Hilton Sofia Bulgaria 2011- Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London, United Kingdom 2008- Gallery Ikar Sofia Bulgaria 2007- Bulgarian Cultural Institute-Berlin Germany 2004 - Avant-garde Gallery, Plovdiv 2004 - Apollo and Mercury Gallery, Sofia 2003 - Iridium Gallery, Sofia 2003 - Draca Gallery, Sofia 2001 - Monitor Daily Gallery, Sofia 2000 - Municipality Gallery, Varna 2000 - Art 36 Gallery, Sofia 2000 - Draca Gallery, Sofia 2000 - Romfeya Gallery, Plovdiv 1998 - Art Club Gallery, Sofia 1998 - Gallery of the Bulgarian National Assembly 1997 - Ata-Ray Gallery Sheraton Hotel, Sofia 1997 - Macta Gallery, Sofia 1996 - Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia 1995 - Macta Gallery, Sofia 1994 - Macta Gallery, Sofia 1993 - Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia 1992 – Mericas Gallery, Athens, GreeceSELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2018 - Art fair Lausanne 2018 – Nuance Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria2017, Antwerp Art Fair, Antwerp, Belgium 2016 - Hay Hill Gallery London U.K. 2016 - Autumn arts Salon, Wadenoijen, Netherlands 2015 - Hay Hill Gallery London U.K. 2015 - Slater Memorial Museum Norwich CT 2014 – Hay Hill Gallery London U.K. 2013 – Hay Hill Gallery London U.K. 2013 – Wimbledon Fine Art, London, U.K. 2013 Makta Art Gallery Kempinski Hotel Sofia Bulgaria 2005 – Apolonia Arts Festival, Bulgaria 2003 – Delight Hamilton Gallery, Seattle, WA (US) 2002 – Gettysburg, PA (US) 2001 – Washington, D.C. 2001 – Aleksey von Schlippe Gallery, Univ. of Connecticut, New London, CT (US)PanchoMalezanov’s wild cars have broken into the Art moorhouse gallery- London!I have read that designers strive to give character to cars, often inspired by nature - sometimes their headlights look like the eyes of an owl or an eagle, grills snarling predatorily like shark’s teeth, the body curved like a purring kitten orsleek like a hungry tiger ... not to mention the many horses under the bonnet ...It is this nature of cars, including some of the most expensive and vintage brands, that artist Pancho Malezanov unveils his new series "(Auto) portraits".First of all, because he has experience with painting animals and knows their desires well. Secondly, because he sees their characters embodied in metal, leather and glass. The result is futuristic – a car, yet behind the windows, the character of a powerful untamed beast is revealed. Not always, of course.How can you not trust a brand whose radiator grill is colored like a rainbow, whose multicolored lights wink at you, all stemming from Malezanov’s imagination. He has managed to turn the car into a living creature who prowls around the urban jungle.You will stand up and pay attention after seeing such a car. And you’ll be sorry that you drive a boring black or white machine. No problem – simply listen and take inspiration on how to bring colour to your life and to your car from this exhibition. If you do not want to take a risk with an insanely expensive classic brand, at least you can hang up your own Malezanovartwork on your wall and lift your mood by how he intertwines technique with technology, combining the flamboyant cars with detailed backstories and turns them into colorful toys for a grown boy’s room.Mila Vacheva – "24 Hours" newspaperThe prominent art critic Maximilian Kirov writes about the author:..."As an artist Pancho Malezanov always prefers to interact with nature directly, but it is difficult to call him a landscape artist in the exact meaning of the term. He is not interested in particular details, but prefers to unite the entire scenery through a randomly situated point of view, which does not take into account the horizon line or the static position from which each natural object is seen. This point of view almost always has a peculiar “bird’s plan view”, which allows him to contemplate a panoramic scene. This is a “bird’s eye vision” where the retina captures separate aspects of reality during the very flight. Consequently, it is difficult to imagine the author’s micro cosmos via traditional concepts as up, down, left or right. In Bulgarian painting only the Great Kazakov has ever dared to depict nature in this way. Nevertheless, Malezanov is not his imitator but a true continuer of this graphic principle."
Oil on canvas, pastel and colored pencils.
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