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Actor/ Visual Representation/ Purveyor of dimensions

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Stay tuned for Margaret Saint-Germain’s role in Deep Astronomy an independent feature film set to be released in 2020 directed by Cory McAbee (“The American Astronaut”).


Her current project, “Past Lives” can be seen on her Instagram @MargaretSaintGermain


Margaret Saint-Germain is an actor, filmmaker, writer, visual artist and creative consultant. Her career began by training in Japanese theater techniques and the Suzuki actor training method. Post training, she studied painting, creative management, lighting design, and film at Parsons in New York City. In 2016, she launched Nu: an all inclusive artist collective in New York, created in collaboration with Seattle based artist Jeffrey Thomas. This gave her a platform to curate and perform her own poetry, performative dance pieces and video installation as well aiding in the work of other developing artists. In 2017, Saint-Germain curated "Controlled Instability" a writing showcase with a mission to provide a literary platform for people of color and the queer community. At 21 years old Saint-Germain teamed with New York based artist Laura Duvall on a multifaceted project called "The Corp" ; which explored themes of gender, death and concepts of rebirth and spirituality. This project was brought to life with a series of audio recordings and photographs, accompanied by a total of 83, (13ft by 8ft) prints entitled "Death" which were on display at the Tanja Grunert Galerie in Chelsea. Saint-Germain’s image has inspired and been used by artists such as Alex Norelli, Parker Day (“ICONS”) and filmmakers Tamara Hansen, Cory McAbee, and Ava Duvernay. Her artwork and lifestyle perspective have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Bedford and Bowery and The New Yorker. Margaret Saint-Germain has also worked at a high level for a variety of businesses as a consultant, market entry strategist, copywriter, content contributor, social media specialist, press kit designer, event organizer and curator for venues (Kinfolk), fashion labels (Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang) , publishers (Vs Magazine) , media companies (Lenape Creative Group) and record labels (NordPath Records) .


In 2017, after a near death experience, Saint-Germain experienced a spiritual awakening of sorts, during a self-imposed exile she dedicated a year of her life to practicing yoga and educating herself on Ayurvedic cooking and alternative medicine. In what some might call a “Divine Intervention” she connected with a master healer and world-renowned expert of acupuncture and the Korean Five-point technique. Through this mentorship, Saint- Germain received a valuable education on healing, Shamanism, Ancient medicine and dream logic.


Recognizing this experience as a turning point, Saint- Germain has shifted her focus from the internal depths of a depressed and unhealthy mind and into the external, the experiences we all share, the earth we all inhibit, and the communication between nature and animals.


Margaret is on a mission to help others lead more healthy lives and turn her own pain and past trauma into positive images that can help others to heal.


Her most recent work, entitled “Past Lives” is a series of intimate polaroid’s.  These images can be seen on her Instagram @MargaretSaintGermain


"DEATH", is the collaborative exhibition of performance duo Margaret Saint-Germain (as Margaret Velvet) and Laura Duvall, known collectively as THE CORP. "DEATH" is centered around the feral, fleeting vignettes of one pungent night in their studio, livid with touch and texture. Flipping traditional narrative process on its head, the artists used security footage of this one iteration to extract a series of eighty-nine printed stills and develop their performance, the audio recorded raw from a live jam by Cody Youmans (Aliensextape). Snippets of conversation flowing throughout. The purposefully ungrounded images show limbs entangled, both violent and loose, enshrouded in dirty shadows. Their imagery and words allude to the kind of night when sleep is not a guarantee, hinged on desperate clawing for connection with the body and mind physically before you. "DEATH" is THE CORP's effort to reveal intimacy outside the frame of gender worn in daily life, distilled through the rawness of vulnerable private interactions. By dissolving the wall of formality between viewer and artist, the work brings the audience directly into the painful uncertainty of negotiating the body and gender roles in real life. Everything is unedited, instead selecting poignant moments from deliberate, obsessive self recordings. the content is real life channeled through poetry; written and performed


Performance Art Exhibition as "Margaret Velvet"

2017                “DEATH” Galerie tANJA gRUNERT, New York, New York


2016                “Blackout” Sunnyville, Brooklyn, New York


2016                “Significant Other” Baby Castles, New York, New York


2016                “Nu Epoch” Elvis Guesthouse, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “Nu Vibrations” Flowers for All Occasions Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “Nu Bossa” Bossa Nova, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “Nu Nova” Bossa Nova, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “Nu Laputa” Flowers for All Occasions Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “Nu Futur” Trans Pescos, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “New York City Porn Film Festival” 10 Eyck, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “Nu Haus” 361 Sumpter, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “Nu Bacchanal” Basement Bar, Brooklyn, NY


2016                “Nu Mistakes” Home Sweet Home, New York, NY


2016                “Submission” Goodroom, Brooklyn, NY



2017                NEW YORK TIMES


2017                BEDFORD AND BOWERY


2017                PAPER MAGAZINE


2017                JUDAS MAGAZINE


2016                 NEW YORKER MAGAZINE


2016                 KALTBLUT MAGAZINE


2016                 Featured in “Light is a Better God” (PRINT) Alex Norelli, Brooklyn, NY


2016                 Featured in “The Age of Uncertainty”  Jim Torok, Pierogi Gallery, New York, NY


2016                  SUPERHERO MAGAZINE

United States
New York
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