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I'm an aspiring author and poet. I focus my writing mainly towards dark poetry, expressing "negative" feelings in an effort to bring to light what we all to often bury.

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Writing is a cathartic release for me. I found it back when I was quite young but lost it for a time - and now, being where I am right now, it came back in a way I never imagined it would. I find a release it, like I'm unlocking a cage in my mind even for just a moment or two. I like to use imagery that fits into what I've written and so will sometimes use my own photography or art by others (collaborations) or images that I find to continue the story beyond what my words can say. I want people to not just read what I write, but feel it, relate to it, know deep down that the words or expressions in my simple phrases speak to a darker part of themselves that they, many times, can't express.

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TerriLynn Le Blanc was born in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada in 1982. Her father's work made it necessary that her family move quite often throughout her childhood until they finally arrived in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1990. During her formative and teenage years, TerriLynn was prone to being very introverted and enjoying her own company as opposed to others. This time allowed her to explore her imagination, draw, and begin writing as well as delving into music. She drifted in and out of creating stories and writing poetry as well as teaching herself to play piano, but eventually, she began to notice that her motivation for a lot of once enjoyable things was draining away. During her early twenties, things became apparent that not all was right in her mind and by the time she was 30 she had been diagnosed with several different mental illness' which finally brought to light just why she felt like she was breaking apart and losing bits of herself slowly over time. 

While endeavoring to find treatments for her disorders, TerriLynn picked up poetry writing again and found a release for a lot of the darkness she'd been hiding inside from when she was very young. She has since had two of her piece published and currently runs her own Facebook page with over 6,000 followers (to date) which she started in Aug 2017. From there, she continues to write every day, posting at least two new pieces a night all with the goal of reaching out to others who may be feeling what she's feeling and fighting to see the light of day in the dark. Her goal is to be a voice for those who can't express what they feel and to drive away the stigma behind mental illness.

"I want people to finally realize that it really is okay not to 'be okay' and that breaking can be beautiful ... breathtakingly so." - TerriLynn Le Blanc

For more of her works, please visit or visit her activity/post section of ARTMO.


Two part poetry piece for "Dirty Cult - Anthologieausschreibung " or "Dirty Cult: Anthologie" which is available for purchase on

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