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ArtistLangley BCCanada

I am an Artist & Musician. I love to paint in colours using Acrylics, Water Colours & Ink Pens. I will paint anything that attracts my inner love for Earth & it’s People ! I play classical & jazz guitar I been playing since I was 12 !

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Edutu Thomas

My art includes Drawings, Collage, Oil paintings and Sculpture. In Drawing i smerge. While Painting i Blend. An inspiration motivates sketching in a Sketchbook. I produce Sports Monuments in Cement.


Chain of small spaces for artists to exhibit their work and interact with community!

Emrah Comert

Hello, Im Emrah Comert. I like to live with art, more freedom, sincerity.

Ayyan Ayaan VV

I am an abstract painter. I also does painting with craft. I started painting at the age of 14.So I want to further increase my world of art .

Valeria Feliú

Hello!! I’m a fine artist focused into the human figure, currently exploring the relationship we have with nature and the vulnerable state of actual biodiversity in the planet.

Bhavesh Limbachiya

I m An Artist form Nashik, India. Pursuing art as a hobby

Saloni Nehru

I am embarking on a journey of expounding my thoughts on myriad canvases, portraying profound aesthetics by transcending the benchmark of mundane visually pleasing beauty.

Rizky Amran


Christine Cabal

17. She/her.Random art

Dipendranath Pal

Do paintings in all medium. Relationships, expression and existence are exploring through my works.

mayu lakhani

I think colors are the only thing that can makes me happy.... playing with colors is like living in another realm for me.. I'm an artist from India and art is my passion...

Pooja Jadhav

I am an Artist. I love to do canvas paintings , Mandala design, Water color paintings.

Catherine Tarbox

Landscape and figure artist

Puneet Singh

I am a student of history and an artist at core, this helps me to create something that has touch of past in it.

Dragan Marjancevic

I have always been interested in art,especially painting.There was no time to start painting earlier,but here it is now.I am happy.I like to paint portraits, landscapes, moments from life and the reality as it really is. We will get to everything.

Suprabha Rath

Hello Folks! I create original artworks with a lot of love and affection. I'd be very happy to share it with you.
I use my pet-name "Linu" to sign off my artworks.

Kestutis Jauniskis

Mixing both abstracted elements with those from his imagination he hopes to create a sense of optimism and light which is fundamental to all his work. As a international artist Kestutis hold exhibitions in many countries.

Kritika Bagchi

Hii I am indian artist . And I present hole world my Indian culture . Thanks artmo for this opportunity 🙏

Kritika Bagchi

Hii I am indian artist . And I present hole world my Indian culture . Thanks artmo for this opportunity 🙏

Kseniia Aleeva

I am abstract lover. My own profession is art historian, but this is a good addition to my true passion - drawing. Even at university, i thought about popularizing art and now i have this opportunity. Let's learn art!

Felecia Sweat

I'm a single mother of 3, whom loves my job as a mother & anything to do with art, tattoo's, unique thing's (odd, crazy thing's), also love drawing cause every time I seem to amaze myself at how well I am!

Moon Flower

I am a Filipina that have a BIG DREAM.I believe in my ability to make my dreams come true even behind people who are judgemental,I believe myself that there will be time for me to achieve all my DREAM. STOP negative thinking! GO for PAINTING

Jan.Gerard Bakker

Door de jaren heen leerde hij zich de kunst van het schilderen beter en beter eigen te maken. Een gevleugelde uitspraak die hij met grote overtuiging uitspreekt is, 'Iedereen kan leren schilderen' Zijn werken zijn of Landschappen of Abstract.

John Hester

Self taught artist. Working in all mediums to create artwork that is more than just a pretty picture.

Elizabeth Stokkebye M.A.

I am a storyteller. I write and paint stories. Stories tell and show us what it means to be human. I am interested in emotions and how they connect us.

Aqsa Javed

I am an landscape artist. My subject matter is landscape paint the beautiful nature at my canvas. Whether it is mountains, waterfall, forest and many more. Nature inspires me for my artwork. I love dripping.

Norbi Trefan

I am a 19 years old self-taught artist. I like to draw, paint, sketch and sometimes I do some digital drawing as well.

Abigail Nnaji

I am a visual artist using paper cutting to create my painting style.

Ritalin Child

Music producer for the distinguished record labels Erebos Records (UK) and Padang Records (BRA)
Stages designer and builder in Arte Indigo Deco.
Digital artist creator of collages linked to the surrealist psychedelic artistic world

Rado Radev

20 Years old Digitral Artist
Available for hire

Alexey Kiryanov

I believe that there is always a place for old techniques among the contemporary art. Recreating Old Dutch Painting in order to save this school manner.

Carlla Coetzee

Hi! I live in South Africa. Coastal town. Studied Fine Art. Love painting portraits with oil.

Clément Coll

I just try to live from my passion.

Ramón Ávila

Artista Monaf...
Inicie con la pintura en julio del 2020 por un sueño que tuve dónde me indicaba que pintara y eso estoy realizando actualmente.

Antonio Lavorgna

Sculptor on wax and metal. Abstract painter. Digital art.
Creative,conceptual of matter,a cybernetic one.

Christian Asur Pérez Obrador

Hello, I am a young artist, I love to draw characters and monsters, OC for novels, etc. The best thing I do is the comic and anime style, but I also do a bit of everything.

Aabir Bahadi

Self-taught artist 😁
If you want,you can😌

Goat Dreaming

. Manipulation Ilustration | Abstract Line Art Drawing .

Mail :

Instagram Account :

Mobile Number :

Kritika Rohilla


Brett Mistak

Not new to art but definitely new to the professional side of things. In September of 2020 I opened a Gallery/Studio in Townsend, TN.

Rita Perez

Plastic artist, Brazilian, I studied at the Rudolf Steiner School, where I could experience the graphic arts, such as: drawing, painting, modeling, weaving, metalwork, among others. I have lived in my art for 8 years.

Gavin Kendo

Self taught artist with a vision to create art true to myself.

Shedraq Oblechor

I'm the artist
I love to create
My hands are my weapons

Muh llyas Ruhiyat

Hello, Im ilyas. I was born on November 16th, 1995. I live in a village. I started my career in fine arts, since 2015 and I really love this so much.
"I don't paint to live, i live to paint"

Mariangela Mazzeo

I'm a Stage and Costume Designer, a Digital Artist and, let's say it, a Creative. Some years ago I decided to restart to paint and now I am pursuing the dream of being a painter, giving life to visions and myths of my subconscious.

Kratik Soni

Self taught || Observer || Hyperrealism
Shipping all over the world.
Contact for order and collaboration.

Nathan Kefa

I'm a young artists building my art experience trying to make a name for myself. Every day I try to be a better artist growing and naturing my talent so that the whole world can see my art and love it

Zahra khorami

Colours have energy and Painting is my love and passion

a a
a a

Well, I just draw what I want to, If u give a good idea I can work with that! Everything that can be imagined can be drawn.
I am young and I have many things to learn, you can call me Tenshi.
Instagram _Tenshi00Art_
Twitter Tenshi0010

谭 丁


Andrew Teh

I'm an artist who paints everything that I feel is beautiful, hope you have and love that feeling too.

Ume Habiba Khalid

I am a student.Calligraphy and painting is my passion and I work on it.I shall do my best.Everyone can buy my painting at a good price.Like my page.

Ivan Bondarchuk

I am researching the topic of passing meaning through numbers and color. The modern meaning and role of numbers in human life has been transformed into something new. Numbers are no longer just a tool for calculating.

Lydia Patafta

My paintings analytically speak about today's society and human relationships and capture their state of mind. I approach each painting in an innovative way,starting from the choice of motifs, giving a special expression of my personal touch.

Alexander Ryashin

I am a graphic designer with more than 18 years of experience.
At the same time, I didn't stop saving up ideas for painting.
At the moment I am ready to share my paintings oil on canvas with the public
and I try to make our world more beautiful.


I'm Indonesian, I like to draw since 7 years old. Then I found my passion for painting especially Abstract painting.

Valentina Sullivan

Ölmalerei, Bildhauerei

Buchmann Dino

As a computer scientist, I was attracted to various art forms. Painting with watercolor and acrylic paints. Sculptures in stone or clay.
As a "late bloomer", thanks to my wife and Madeleine Meyer, I was able to discover my skills in the fall.

Shaza Asfoor

Shoosh from Syria, based in Turkey.
Making portrait and paintings in different patterns.
Working on improving my drawing skills and enhancing my creativity ^-^

Manfred Pichler

I learned my craft (the photographic one) from scratch, taught for many years, and was on my way (not only photographically) in various directions. I am a photographically visual artist and had numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.


I am a freelance artist from India with Graphic Design Academic background . I always try to explore new technique.

Asubiojo Adewale James

an art entrepreneur, art / environmental activist. Founder of CAMI project, Founder- ASEJERE NETWORK, Presenter and producer of Children in African Scenario And CEO/ project executor, Blackulheritage Studio Chairman, AREDU COTURE.

Roshika Chondamma

I come from a small village called Siddapura in Coorg. Growing up in an isolated house surrounded by nature, I spent most of my childhood trying out various forms of art.
Painting helps my mind to relax and let go of all the problems.

Soledad Vonk

I am captivated by watercolors. The pigment starts a dialogue with me in which the most amazing moments occur. I hope I knew how to reflect that enchanting dialogue in my works.

Julia Griffin

Dance and Film artist specialising in immersive video dance installations

Daði Guðbjörnsson

Experienced Artist, Worked as professional artist from 1980. graduated from Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, Holland. Many art exhibitions in Iceland and abroad.

Sian Bunnage

I'm an abstract artist that likes to play with colour and texture.

Lina Golan

Born in Ukraine, grew up in Poland. Lives in Israel.
Member of the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors.
Member of the Management Committee of the Ashdod Museum of Art.
Member of International Association of Art of Unesco.

Quentin Dejoux

Graphist // Painter

Richard Heinsohn

My concerns are with creating an interactive experience for viewers which I call "Relational Abstraction" My work has just been added to the permanent collection of Spain's newest contemporary and modern art museum, Museo Collection Roberto Polo.

Lika Kvitsiani

Visual Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker, Painter

Марина Гержи

My name is Marina, and I am from Moscow, Russia. It seems fair to describe my creative work as an intuition-based. I've never studied to paint pictures according to formal institutional requirements.

Slavica Macasev

I paint primarily watercolor, only a few paintings are done by oil on canvas.
I hope to inspire as many people as possible with this love of mine especially the art lovers who see beauty in the same way, and have the same kind of aesthetics as I do.

Annette Peterson

Annette Peterson, born in Stavanger, Norway is an oil painter who has both studio and plein air approaches to her practice. She utilises photography and painting techniques to facilitate both realistic and impressionistic style landscape paintings.

Vanessa Azevedo

I have loved to draw since I was very young, I love to paint mostly old houses, cities in the old days.

Nadine Uzoglu

Im a 3D Artist living in Germany and looking for a job in Frankfurt.

Paula Menchen

I am a visual artist that combines diverse methods and approaches to painting investigating the intersections between drawing, printmaking and painting.

Karen Fitzgerald

I have been an artist all my life. I was born in a rural community: it is the close contact with the natural world that informs my work. We live in an envelope of sacred energy: we are part and parcel of this metaphysical space.

Raphael Reiter

Seit 1999 mache ich GOLDENE SONNEN - energetische Wandobjekte in verschiedenen Größen und Strukturen, mit Farbe und Blattgold.
Ebenso Skulpturen aus Holz, Bilder auf Leinwand und gespachtelte Bilder auf Holz;

Lola Castillejos

Soy artista española, autodidacta, intuitiva, emotiva y espontánea.
Me encanta el arte abstracto y el figurativo.
Trabajo con pintura acrilica, lienzo y madera, pincel, brocha, espátula, esponja, rascador de vidrio y hasta mis dedos.

Patrick Matis

I caress the world with thoughts, I shatter the atmosphere with visions, I splash the bilboards with otherwordly sounds. I am the Cydrone.

Mariyam S

[looking for #gallery #representation]
breaking free from the clutches of fear
#emerging artist
ig: @lucidmarsm

Sunil Kapadia

I have been doing photography since the last 40 years. My images have been published in national and international publications. I have won several national and international awards & given lectures, workshops and seminars in several cities of India.

Sergey Lesnikov

Independent artist from Russia. I work in two directions - painting and decorative vintage work on old wood ..

Maria Z. Madacky

Visual artist living and working between Lethbridge, Canada and Novi Sad, Serbia. My creative work addresses such themes as liminality, altered states of consciousness, the nature of our reality and human culture as understood from within.

Eugene Ivanov

Prague based artist. Oil paintings, acrylic paintings and watercolours.
Eugene Ivanov Gallery:

Wittwulf Y Malik

music studies in Hamburg and Detmold. free-lance work as composer, composer performer, visual artist, performance artist and with experimental multimedia projects. Grants in Germany, Italy and Sweden. Exhibitions at a lot of galleries and museums.

Duygu Tanrıverdi

I am an artist who lives in İstanbul. I work on too many materials on paper,canvas,acetate etc.
Please take a look.

Dareen R

"I'm an independent, self taught artist."

Robert Tahar

Painting is the most demanding and possessive mistress,but she is also the most beautiful and when you totally surrender to her your whole being,she give you the universe.

Kat K

Instagram w my clothes @whatureallywear

Vito Thiel

Born in Soria, graduated in illustration from the "Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny Llotja" in Barcelona,
He has participated in group exhibitions both in Madrid and Valencia.

Freddy Montoya Fregio

Each dream is already an achievement of life that we must materialize.

Kennette Ann Ditablan

An architect/painter/consultant/uap chapter member who loves to travel, read books and eat alot of amazing food 😊

Peter Klak

My Name is Peter Klak. I have gained my professionel and artistic expirience in the graphic arts industry over many years(lithography, art and advertising graphics). My drawings and paintings, have concrete themes like war and displacement.

Sanuka Goonawardena

I am a Sri Lankan who studied fine arts for several years. Look forward to Crete an artistic platform for me to show my talents with my paintings. Making canvas dancing and paint sing makes me feel better.

lao dan

Without technique what we express seems unfinished and without meaning it is as if what we express were shallow

Ismini Teligioridou

Painter, illustrator, creator

Stephan Janssens

Making conceptual and abstract landscapes inspired on duality of men.
Mixed media paintings and led lightobjects which present these inner core momentums

Sandra Kolondam

Welcome to my profile! I am a freelance painter. I work and live near the Lake "Starnberger See". I would describe myself as a classical painter. I love poetry and am addicted to sweet melancholy. I think that also drives me in my painting.

Jared Aufrichtig

Jared Aufrichtig is an Internationally renowned Multidiscipline Fine Artist & Photographer. His Art/Photography have been shown & published around the world. He has worked with numerous NGOs and facilitated a number of development/charity projects.

Maizy Burger

I'm retired and live on a small holding in blissful silence and love art and oil painting. I'm a bird watcher and bunny hugger.

Luchina Akhmad

An abstract oil painter since 2017.
Feel free to contact me for price negotiations.

Zsolt Matyas

I am a Homo ludens, a performer, who is living in the cross section of several cultures. I am always looking for depth and height in everything. But I like also to look at things on their backs, which makes them very funny.

Galih setiawan Husen

Hi Im galih from Indonesia, selftough watercolor painter, base on realism till the top tier hyperrealism painting

Please enjoy my artwork with your heart ♥

Harsha Ann

Digital Artist | Graphic Designer | Illustrator

Emonena Owhofasa Onoriobe

By nature I have a knack for design . My creativity stretches across fashion , interior design and free hand drawing, creating pictures from corrupted pic files and photography

Joaquim E. Oliveira

In search of a glimpse of beauty.

Benedict Yu

Benedict Yu is a multi-disciplinary art practitioner and researcher who explores Eastern philosophy, psychology, and human behavior through the lense of contemporary arts, conversational interaction, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Marlon Puac

I'm an indigenous artist from Guatemala, my inspiration in my art came from the traditional and old mayan weaving, with geometric patterns.

Andy Besa

An illustrator and art educator as well.

Insta: @ad.besaillustrations

Evelyne Evelyne Galinski

Mes personnages  brouillent les  pistes. Ils invitent à perdre les repères du temps, féminin/masculin, enfant/adulte, vivant ou mort. Ils incitent à laisser tomber toute forme de référence et a retrouver un regard semblable à celui de l'enfant

Hans-Hinnerk Rohde

My general theme is the conflict between order and disorder. I like to express these tension in the position of men in improvised landscapes.

Sieglinde Ferchner

Schwerpunkt meiner Arbeit sind Druckgrafiken wie Radierungen oder Holzschnitte, Aquarelle, Porträts oder Akte. Thematisch sind der Mensch, Natur und Städte Interessensschwerpunkte. Sehen Sie mehr auf meiner Website:

Dora Stork

I consider myself as an abstract realist encaustic artist: abstract in the world of color, realist in the world of form, symbolist in meaning. I declare myself as a politically-minded painter being interested in public life and social processes.

Grazia Camerano

Gosto do expressionismo, das cores contrastantes, formas que se movimentam como no barroco. A cor tem uma influência forte nas minhas criações, em especial azuis e alaranjados. Os assuntos natureza e passagem do tempo me atraem.

marco bagatin

Sono sempre più affascinato dal mondo dell'arte

Ahmed Borai

I love the lightness of paper, my favoured art material for paintings, collages and design.

Mardiah Faraz

I am an architect turned batik artist from Indonesia. My products are uniquely and individually made, ranging from synthetic coloring batik to the natural ones. My products are mostly well known as its abstract pattern and new batik painting methods.

J. Kevin Foltz

Wanderer, Photographer, Mixed Media Folk Artist...

Reinhard Fritz

My pictures intensively convey a world that is determined by visions and dreams that are open to the future, seemingly organic, and interweave life, nature and mystery in a special way.

Kingsley Nwangborogwu

I was born and raised in a small but busy city of Aba, in the southeastern part of Nigeria, The people of Aba fall into the tribe known as Ngwa, a unique tribe known for art,textile and apparel production and business.

Ildikó Malovecz

We all linked by harmony in the music of the spheres. Behind the surface I see more potential and anything and anybody. I feel blessed with more senses to enjoy and share the joy of creation, discovery and connection.

LoCurto Outcault

We've been collaborating since 1991, working in sculpture, prints, photographs, animations and interactive installations. Our work focuses on the physical and psychological frailties of the human body and our ambiguous relationship with technology.

Abstracte Vrijheid

The experience of getting something on canvas from which
the origin lies within yourself, that freedom to do
what your inspiration is, with the result something that goes through
others are admired.

Kinga Chrzaszczewska

Kinga Chrzaszczewska aka Kinia Kik. My nationality is Polish, but I am a product of two countries Poland and Great Britain.
I am fascinated by the history of primitive cultures, their myths, rituals and beliefs.

Tahir Gürsoy

Hi all i was born in İstanbul in 1965. i grow up in this city of art and history. For sure i become a writer, painter and vice actor. I love to paint for telling my story for all wonderful people of the world.

Susanne Böhm

I am a pioneer of the New German Pop Art and I create artworks with „New Teutonic Lightness“ (according to a press report). My inspiration: People on the streets, in the media, my biography, scenes that show everyday normality.

Nida Acun

I also paint Pinka, the planet of happiness with all my imagination.

Sehriban Köksal

Visual Artist
sculpture, plastic, object, installation, mobile
Live in Germany

Chris Klein

Chris is a British artist, currently sharing his time between Quebec and Ontario in Canada. Exhibiting his own across Europe and North America.

Olga Pisarenko

Hobbies: paintings

Gaya Lastovjak

Modern figurative artist creating three-dimensional paintings with her own technique using paper-mache, canvas and oil paint.
All figures are life-sized.

Amresh Borkar

Sir J J School of Art - alumni in Applied Art degree. Plus 25 years experience in graphic designing and printing, events, exhibitions. Love to spend time doing watercolor, acrylic, calligraphy, illustrations and visiting various art galleries.

Abrifor Silas

I'm abrifor silas am an abstract artist from Nigeria and I am in love with world travels and entertainment.i am a master of my own art

Jess Baranggan

I'm a college student hoping to find good profit to my art piece so I can sustain my needs...

Amrita Roy

I'm Amrita Roy, from India.
I'm here to make my hobby into my profession.
I want to sell my arts and get more commission works.
1 portrait=5$
If you are interested please send message.

sabah alchaer

Venezolana de raices arabe .Estudie mi carrera en la universidad de Damasco (Syria) en la facultad de Artes, donde obtuve mi titulo de Artista Plástico en el año 2012. Yo me dedico a pintar Cuadros implementando técnicas llamativas e innovadoras

Loi Duc

My name Loi. Im from HCMC Vietnam - more information:
Thank you visit me !!!

Siva Kumar

Hi,I am self taught Artist. Painting is my passion. I am from India. Located in Bangalore.
Support me by Subscribing to my Youtube channel (you can watch my making video of paintings.)

Siva Kumar

Hi,I am self taught Artist. Painting is my passion. I am from India. Located in Bangalore.
Support me by Subscribing to my Youtube channel (you can watch my making video of paintings.)

Lila Koufopoulou


Bogdan ANDA

◙ I was born a long time ago, in Transylvania.
◙ Well-travelled ... never crossed the Equator though, and never left this planet yet.

Margaret Scholtysik

Painter, curator, co-founder of the Art Factory foundation and the ArtQuant association.

Bas de Ruiter

A passionated painter who walks the thin line between abstraction and figuration..

TL Barwick

I am an engineer by day and an artist any other time. My choice of medium are beads. I use them to create forms that trigger emotions.

Ayesha Iqbal

Art is like a soul, when you feel depressed or happy, go get yourself a canvass and paint it with all your heart, whatever you paint it reflects you. I believe in this.

Don Lisy

Don Lisy is an internationally exhibited professional abstract painter from Cleveland, Ohio living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

Daan van Doorn

DAAN VAN DOORN portretschilder
paints contemporary flower still lifes and award-winning portraits. His portraits were commisioned by members of the Dutch royal family and by artists like Philip Glass.

Rifat Ara Mim

I have been drawing ever since I can remember.I was born and brought up in Bogura, Bangladesh.Now based in Dhaka,Bangladesh.
Saatchi Art -

Paola Telesca

Paola Telesca lives and works in Berlin. Her work includes fine art photography, drawing and installation. She works thematically in cycles and series and her work is conceptual.

Armand Dijcks

Cinematorgrapher and photographer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Benz DeBrosse

Benz DeBrosse is a self taught artist from Haïti, Living in Montreal. Working with acrylic, pigment ink markers, he creates dynamic and organic visuals.Each work comes alive and invites to the discovery of his intuitive perceptions

Camil Giralt

Artista profesional de Barcelona. Obra abstracta y figurativa. Para obtener más información, CV y ​​textos sobre las obras, visite mi sitio web

Andrea Eitel

Ich bin Autodidaktin, arbeite gegenständlich ausschließlich mit Öl auf Leinwand und lebe und arbeite in Stuttgart. Ich bin Mitglied im Verband Bildender Künstler und Künstlerinnen Württembergs und im Bund Bildender Künstlerinnen Württembergs.

Tanielle Childers

My mission as an artist is to capture the vibrant energy of nature through painting as I feel it rather than only as I see it - and to somehow illustrate my appreciation of and gratitude for the beauty this life has to offer on a deeper level.

Josef-Peter Römer/Roemer

JOSEF-PETER RÖMER wurde in Dohna / Sachsen geboren. In 2007 absolvierte Herr Römer das Warnborough College mit einem MFA-Abschluss in Malerei. Er malt in seinem Atelier in Galesville, Wisconsin.

Irine Shaduri

Art is my passion <3

Almat Adams

I am an artist who specializes in figurative and portraiture paintings. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from AmbroseAlli University. I am inspired by people,my environment and Nigerian culture. I work with OilPaints and digital mediums.

Julia Zabrocka

I am passionate about art and music.

Georgy Bezborodov

Union of Art-Photographers of Russia, Russian Ecological Society, Russian Geographical Society, Institute of Organic Agriculture, marketing agency Time4brand.

Natalia Cywinska

Expression.... Emotions..... Palette Knife Painting..... it's Me 🙌🖤

Nyunga Teghah

Holder of a bachelors degree in history from the university of Buea and a masters degree in political science from the university of Dschang in Cameroon. I am a professional artist

zeina bechara

Zeina's style is a combination of modern art and Pop Art and is characterized by the use of collage.

Rosi Beros

Welcome to my world 🙂
I am a swiss artist and i live with my husband in Spain.
Art is my passion and i love to dance through life!!!!!

Sampurna Pal

art practitioner and social empath.

Fatma Elzahraa Hashem

Egyptian artist, working as an art teacher


Designer, digital artist

Bruce Alexander Kilgour

Calligrapher and Water Colour Painter
Retired Advertising Manager
Children's Magician (Pandemic casualty - on hold)
Musician (Harmonica)

Alfonso Fernandez

Comencé a pintar mis primeros 'frescos' a los 10 años.
Vivíamos en una granja a las afueras de Sant Cugat del Vallés y mi padre en su tiempo libre pintaba al óleo en las paredes de la vieja casa. Creo que es muy importante pintar con amor

Jimmy Zalkauskas

Artist - propmaker

George Mulaudzi

Creating images of the natural world, people, face, and places, all paintings transcending time or place. . His work allows him to constantly explore new places and inviting the viewer to see the world in diverse ways.

vrinda patel

i’m self taught artist and still learning , i love painting and i mostly take inspiration from nature.
shipping world wide ,

dm for order or collab.

Fatima Marques

I consider that the main objective of my art is "Enchant environments". I work with the oil on canvas technique in the Contemporary Figurative style. The concept of my work is "Imaginary Realism" with the theme of the Universe of the Female.


Born in 1991, abstract painter living in Turkey

Abdul Farid

Interesting in art work

Gisela Gaffoglio

I love life, colors, music, dance all this is reflected in my art.

Arwa Unjhawala

I love to capture the beautiful nature through paintings, mostly my work comprises of still life, landscape and nature. I have worked with many mediums but watercolour is my most favourite. I haven’t taken any professional course into fine arts.

Jolanta Uznevičiūtė

I live in Vilnius, Lithuania. I graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a master's degree in ceramics. I've worked in ceramics for many years, even more times in design, and some time not long ago started to work in painting.

Anja Slijkhuis

My name is Anja Slijkhuis, I am a Dutch tulip painter or color blender, also called supplier of joy and bliss!

Elena Bondareva

I fill my paintings with bright colors, warmth and light, interesting details. Style-realism. I also paint fabulous pictures, they will give you a good mood. Here you will find a picture that will resonate in your heart and decorate the interior.

Tetka Rhu

EDGIC Artist: Tetka Rhu

tetkaART is a Way of Life.
The process of artistic evolvement of EDGIC Artist Tetka Rhu has seen the unlocking of revelations through her inimitable eXpression of Alchemy original tetkaART

Natalia Kangur-Shelia

I am a self-taught painter. I started five years ago and already have a fairly wide geography of sales. Оwing to my husband's worldwide contacts my paintings decorate the homes of art lovers in Italy, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine and even in Argentina.

Sandro Lopes

Artist and Designer

Helka Ivanyi

Based in Vienna
Originally from Hungary
Acrylic paintings, Textile Arts, Photography

Anton Galin

Anton Galin 16.10.1961
Place of living Saint Petrersburg Russia
Education Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy
Continues the tradition of Rodchenko

Vlad Sebastian Radu

''My way of communicating messages and emotions through painted symbols is a kind of more sophisticated representation of ancient mural symbols.. not trying to convince anyone of anything ... "

Mohamed Mahmoud

Artist of Creative Ideas. Contact Artist to send you his available Works. His Art is for Billionaires.

Ana Paula Cruz (Paul'Ana)

Malgré tout, je crois encore à la force de l'Art, quel qu'il soit, pour éclairer l'esprit humain.

Onur Toktamışoğlu

Hello! I am an artist from Turkey. I like to paint what i am feel and my imagines. Generally use acrylic, ink and pens

Djibril Fall

artiste plasticien né à Dakar Sénégal. Passionné par la peinture depuis mon enfance, aimant la lumière et les couleurs, j’exprime sur l’humanité et la nature. Je suis fans de la Renaissance, et le réalisme est le style qui m’impressionne.

Riszky Rach

I'm an abstract painter from Bandung, Indonesia.

Denisa Kolářová

My art is a form of expressing myself, way of transparent messaging of my standpoints to anything important happening in my life or in the lives of others towards outer world.

Patricia Gisbert

Visual artist, decorator and art teacher.Inspired by everyday beauty,travel and little joys.

Joyeeta Sarkar

I am a self learner artist. I'm an illustrator, who loves creating new ideas with limited amount of supplies. I simply create art which is more subtle and aesthetic. I illustrate with all kinds of art work. I am also a designer.


Azoriano is an artist and designer from Portugal, who creates decorative ceramics, characterized by grotesque figures inspired by mythology.

Roy Weymouth

Hello to all, I'm Royston, I live and work in Norwich, my imagination is my palate, I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I had creating them

Victoria Lia

The core theme of my works is ethnic narratives: legends, myths, tales and beliefs of various nations.
I apply a certain style being greatly inspired by the manner of painting by the natives, while traveling along the northwest of the USA

Kasemwana Kinende Paul Junior

Born in Kinshasa (DRC) on March 8, 1982.
I graduated from " Academie Des Beaux-Arts " ( the Academy of Fine Arts) of Kinshasa.

Alexander Batulin

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists.
Associate. Member of the National Union of Pastelists of Russia.
Member of the Union of Designers of Russia.

P. Makbel Ones

I graduated from Hacettepe University,Fine Arts Faculty,department of sculpture.My new passion is resin; a new medium compare to classical ways of creating.I am obsessed with sea and its chaotic dance with light ,wind and sand

Kunal Vyas

Hii! My name is Kunal and I am a freelance illustrator

Ana Hefco

Self taught dreamer and artist. To dream is my path and to paint is my dream. Due to the techniques I use, my paintings can't be recreated, and I feel that in a way, these paintings are like us humans: one of a kind, forever. Isn’t that amazing?

Rainier Michael

Amateur painter, photographer and diplomat. With works present in Austria, USA, Brazil, Germany, Slovenia&Japan.

Geoffrey Lugaye

I used to paint and Now I work in realism sculptures medium of light weight office waste, acrylic and soil is my new concept medium transform in harder new stone sculpture.
I create my works by hand create a feeling communication of calming great.

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Kaoru ナベ

Kaoru Nabe / KiyoshiTorazo
Visual artist
NFT artist

Kattie Daniel

„Sztuka jest wycinkiem rzeczywistości, widzianym przez temperament artysty” – Emile Zola.

Vigen Sayadyan

I'm a professional artist, who is specializing in the art style of Mysticism and focusing in direction of Metamodernism.

Marcus Zimmermann

Siemel: Author and Artist - Semi-Digital-Art
My style is a combination of comics, fractal elements and science-fiction.

Rita Vidigal

Color your Life!
I like to draw and paint to make the world a more beautiful place.
I believe we can turn the Planet into a more charming place with Art.

Fatih Sungurtekin

Artist Fatih Sungurtekin has been working on many kinds of different techniques. His artworks contains informations about micro and macro cosmic details, naturel things, textures, moments, memories and periods of time.

Richardt Strydom

Addicted to the promiscuity of images and interested in agency and slippage. Predominantly works in photography and found artefacts - I do however like to consider different mediums as well as spaces, addressing different aspects of a topic.

Kiran Avarsekar

Minimum buy any two paintings, to cover packaging and transport charges.

Jaco "The Machine" Steenkamp

A multi faceted designer with a passion for forging a seamless bond between form and function , able to use different mediums to complete objectives. I love designing, I live for challenges and I love working with new people.

Tamsyn Samuels

Analyst by day, Artist by night.

A free-spirited creative, I aim to motivate, inspire others, and make a difference in the world around me through the beauty of art/design, and the use of technology - creating traditional art for a digital age.

Amitava Pathak

Amitava enjoys capturing his observation and thoughts in oil, water color, acrylic and pastel mediums for over 35 years. His eye for details, perspective angle, deep observation and constant zeal for perfection makes his works special.

Rob Fiduccia

Visual Effects Artist / Graphic Designer
28 years experience

Joyce Camilleri

I have a deep affinity with abyssal darkness, where line and form reign.

Elisa Guietti

Whether I create children illustrations, abstract paintings, or I facilitate an art class my core principles remain the same. The purpose behind my work is always deeply related to a process of awakening and healing.

Norbert Gingter

... lives and works as an art photographer and painter in Issum on the Lower Rhine (Niederrhein, West Germany)

Frank Linnett

I work from the Bridewell Studios in Liverpool. My paintings reference historical events and contain hints at social comment and contemporary issues seen within the framework of remembered and imagined landscapes.

Alice Onori

My art is about love feelings and gestures. The human body, or part of it, is the principal subject of my artworks and my experience as an archaeologist influenced its depiction, referring this to the classical and neoclassical statuary.

Gabriel Simoens

it' all about moments,
that's what life is,
from start to finish

Yannis Yighourtakis

I am a visual artist , works and live in Athens .
Most of my artwork is painting , that combines Magic Realism and Symbolism . I studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts . During 2016 I worked as an artist/animator for the movie "loving Vincent"

Vanessa Chyi

I’m a professional artist in drawing self-portrait in nude. The uniqueness of my art is that I only use my body as the medium for all my paintings and art creation.

Michael Bello

I'm a contemporary African artist, i execute my paintings in oil, acrylic and melt on canvas and vary my subject matter with abstract art, landscape, installation arts, but people (figurative expressions) remain my passion and true obsession.

Hildegarde Handsaeme

I am Hildegarde Handsaeme and live in Terlanen, a village south of Brussels. From a very early age, I was attracted by art and had a great admiration for the works of Picasso. So I started painting myself, which gave me great satisfaction.

Laurens Boersma

I am a painter of mostly realistic landscapes and still-live. I was born in a small village in the northern part of The Netherlands and had my education at the School of Fine Arts 'Minerva' in Groningen. Since may 2020 I live and work in France.

Sara Twomey

Painting Abstract and Landscape thoughts of the City

Karl F. Stewart

Photography and Video Art . The themes of his studies are quite eclectic . The style of his art, though, is consistently in the genres of Documentary and Impressionism . The cover photocomposition is from the series Lyon.

Vera Jochum
I like to combine various materials and techniques. It’s an energetic process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction which is reflected in my work.

Andrea Alkalay

Conceptual photographer working on photography

JM Artist

I'm a visual artist who lives in Monterrey, Mexico, my original artwork will make you feel calm and joy. If you like it, you can support me at

Noel Molloy

Studied Limerick School of Art and Design 1978 – 1982.
Degree in Fine Art 1982. Works in sculpture/mixed media and performance art. He has exhibited and created performance extensively throughout Ireland, Western and Eastern Europe and the U.S.A.

Andrea Alkalay

Conceptual photographer working on photography

Dancho Atanasov

Award-winning Fine Art Photography Artist. The photos are limited editions , printed on Aluminum Dibond or Giclee Fine Art Paper.

Linda Collins

Landscape artist I like to paint the atmosphere of the weather and also the instinctive part of being a painter is to experiment with differing types of materials paints and The use of sketchbooks are use as a record my ideas .

Marit Otto

Marit Otto (Hoorn -The Netherlands -, 1970 - ) I have been working as an independent visual artist since 1994. My studio, is located in Zwolle at communal building for music,performance,arts & crafts; Rieteweg 10, in Zwolle.

Carlos Saraiva

Visual Artist and Writer.
Gestural Painting and Digital Art.

Olusola Otori is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the beauty/challenges of cultural diversity in Africa and the issues of Religion/Spiritualism, Politics & Power as it affects marginalized rural communities.

Graure Cristian

Artist, curator and author, PhD in History and Aesthetics of Photography from The Romanian Academy

Graure Cristian

Artist, curator and author, PhD in History and Aesthetics of Photography from The Romanian Academy

Neetu Raj Bansal

I am an artist and make original hand made custom art on canvas.

Vito Arciuli

#biGboh digital painting experience

Olivia Pegoraro

Incisore-stampatore. Dal 1992 ad oggi ha esposto in Italia e all'estero a Sofia, Madrid, Chamalieres, Porto, Douro, Bitola, Valencia, Bucarest, Colonia, Nassau, Bonn, Diez, Kobern-Gondorf, Santiago del Cile, Guanlan-Shenzen ecc.

Jakub Jecminek

Independent Visual Artist

Faustus Crow

Mardun is principally a Surrealist Artist, whose Author's name is Faustus Crow. Mardun has an experiential interest in lucid dreaming.

The symbolic reality of dreams has inspired Artists and authors down the ages who are essentially Shamans.

joerg walker

Jörg Walker, born 1966 in Bürglen, Uri, Switzerland. Since 1970 he lives in Zürich and is creating gorgeous illuminated Sculptures out of Rocks and Gems.

Ron Barsano

Ron Barsano was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. He started a five year intensive fine art program at the American Academy of Art studying drawing and painting in 1962 under the European taught masters William Mosby and Joseph Vanden Broucke.

Juri Frantsuzov

* 1946 in Novosibirsk. 1961-66 visit of the art school in Alma-Ata / Kazakhstan; 1973-79 studied at the I. Repin Art Academy in St. Petersburg.

Ralf Czekalla

professional artist, painter and bodypainter of passion


Welcome to a universe of beauty, femininity and connection with your meaningful and true self-nature.
Her paintings HEAL fears and bring hope and happiness in your life, COLOR your everyday life and CAPTURE a part of your heart.

Carlos Montoya Alonso

Artista plástico madrileño, comprometido con la pintura en todas las facetas de mi vida.

Tui Sada

Tui Sada is passionate and talented painter interested in the world beyond...
Due to his method, intuition, and interest on the expressing the beauty of the fleeting moment, he creates a unique atmosphere and a sense of magic.

Gerardo La Porta

Self-taught artist from an early age shows his ability to design. He started using oil paints and used them throughout his artistic career, then went on to use acrylic colors after experimenting with various techniques and getting closer to PopArt.

Mary-Lynne Stadler

I am a wanderer in every sense of the word - have lived in many countries and wandered through a variety of careers, always searching for 'home.' In the end, making art is where I truly feel at home - wondering as I wander.

Claudia Luethi alias Abdelghafar

I am a swiss artist, who loves to paint and draw animals, landscapes, citiescapes and sky. I paint oilcolour on canvans and velvet and draw with pencil and coloured pencil on paper.

Igor Prokop

We must work together! This is my final goal, the inspiration for my pictures: To create tolerant, creative and cooperative systems that are heading toward a spiritual unity.

Renardo Reinhard Niessner

Ich bin „zufällig“ im Hause des Werner Berg Museums (berühmter Kärntner Künstler) geboren. Meine Mutter war Künstlerin. Seit meiner Pensionierung als Grafikdesigner und Werbemanager, widme ich mich leidenschaftlich dem malen von Tintenfiguren.

Avi Feiler

Avi Feiler born in Jaffa Israel (17.2.1949) , an Israeli and international artist, is one of the most important figurative artists of the modern era and Fantastic Art.

Cornelia Kurtew

published, award winning Photographer,art director and Co-Owner/Curator at Kunsthaus RoZig

Bissera Videnova

I have noticed that people are silent with admiration and forget about their problems only when confronted with the wonders of nature and the human genius.

Trisha Lambi

I am an award-winning artist known for my bold and sensuous oil paintings. Light and its effect on the form is my inspiration and whilst I don't aspire to convey a conscious emotion in my work it seems to emerge of its own will.

Detlef Lemme

Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.
Painting and conceptual art.

Michael Rofka

Living and working in Germany near Hannover I'm also active as international artist taking part at symposia, land-art projects, or working as artist in residence.

Suleiman Sharifi

paintings , illustration, contemporary, video, photo

Rosie MacKenzie

Mathematician and Artist.
Constructive sculpture with different media.
Currently using glass and bronze in Creusa series.
Have also used, paper, wire, found objects, copper, glass, resin, felted wool.

Jeke Smith

I'm an artist,am a works of art are realistic.
For more view...

Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith is a self-taught artist who has successfully established his gallery and artist studio in 2001, at Mullion, Cornwall UK

Mark Pol

I make work what is a little bit strange. It grows out of my fantasy. I followed the Free Academy of Art in The Haque and Photo Academy also in The Haque. My atelier is located in Amsterdam.

Udo Greiner

"Malen kann erst beginnen, wenn die Wirklichkeit nicht mehr selbstverständlich ist." Maler aus dem Raum Stuttgart. Studium der bildenden Künste in Heidelberg.

mach One

Graffiti artist, custom graphic designer and urban sports fan. At home on a subway wall or designing for British SuperBikes teams, skateboards, helmets or on canvas, machOne believes art should be emotive, cause a reaction, thought or conversation.

Daria Solar

An artist living and working in Lodz, Poland. One of the makers of "Loving Vincent" - world's first fully painted feature film. Her main theme is humans in contemporary world executed mostly in oil on canvas. Daria studied Computer Graphics.

Robert Richardson

I work in both photography, with an emphasis on street photography, and abstract art, created using digital media. A selection of these artworks are now available as limited edition prints.

Andy Brooke

I work in glass and photography and seek ways of integrating them in unique design work.
My background is in analogue photography as well as traditional leaded stained glass work, and I use the darkroom to create unique marks on glass plates.

Chiara Di Salvo - OniricStudio


cristina taniguchi

My art is based on personal mythology. I feel I ought to tell narratives of qlife and share my cosmos universe through vizualization and that is through painting and sculpture.

Joël Equagoo

“From the nature to the event to the identity !

creating the new step by step "
That is how the artist Joël Equagoo thinks and creates.
Creative inspirations and experiences in and with nature are the result. You are welcome.

Rossana Ester Covarrubias Toledo

Soy Chilena pero vivo en Brasil. Soy Artista plástica, Fotógrafa y cinegrafista. Amo poder retratar la naturaleza y asi toda la criación, siempre quiero ir mas lejos y resaltar las imagenes de la tela, dando a ellas una peculiaridad única.

Graham Honaker II

While a single bit of information might seem completely arbitrary, a convergence of many equally arbitrary bits of information tell a story of our humanity.

Christopher Davis

Art portfolio is founded by clicking to photo.

Bernd Wachtmeister

I am one of those people who devote a great deal of time to analysing themselves in the context of their surroundings. Many of my feelings, impressions and thoughts find expression in my artistic work.

Ananda Dimitri

I am a Balinese artist who work on modern art with my cultural tradition background. I have always been fascinated by two styles of expression: Contemporary Haiku Paintings and, Abstract Mix Media Photography with embellished Acrylic integration.

Hans-Gerhard Meyer

My painting is about memories of things I have experienced.
The interpretation of several glances at a situation reflects a longer period:
the moment.

Richard Lee

From artist to Designer and back again; I've been drawing and painting for 28 years professionally, switching from what may be real to what is less so!

Alec Papuc

For me creation is like diving in the darkness,where I stop searching just when I touch something like my soul

Dimitra Papageorgiou

I am a self taught artist living in Thessaloniki Greece. My true passion has always been painting and creating. Mostly I am painting original oil and acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and on old wood pieces or driftwood.

Ion Popescu

Sculptor, Artist# Art#Design#Interior design#Artwork#Online gallery#Fineart#Artmuseums#

Boyet Auditor

Boyet Virtucio Auditor is a Professional Visual Artist and Product Designer from the Philippines.

He earned his Degree in Bachelor in Fine Arts major in Painting from the UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES, Cebu.

Pınar Soytürk

If you like extraordinary and beautiful things;you've come to the right place!

Karen Hansen

I paint atmospheric acrylic abstracts and I love to paint!

Peter Stutz

Always exploring new dimensions, abstract to surreal, contemporary to late Impressionism.

Raju P

I am an self-taught artist,Gifted by god.
In my childhood, I used to pray god very sincerely and my creative thoughts are the ultimate consequences of my prayer.
I had to done no of works with watercolor,acrylic,oil..,etc

Bernard Beckford

Illustrator x Graphic Designer x Fine Artist
For business and commission inquires:


Massimo Eleonori nasce nel 1967,diplomato geometra, laurea in pittura. Il surreale è il suo spazio, dove i personaggi si muovono in spazi silenziosi e paesaggi inanimati. Molte mostre personali e collettive. Opere presenti in molte collezioni private

Giorgios(Gio) Vassiliou



Marilion – is artistical name of Czech established artist Marcela Levinska whose works with touches of mystery, exotics, ancient civilizations have been exhibeted in Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Prague and are worldwide collected.

Franc Kaiser

Swiss national living in Shanghai
Painting with acrylics on cardboard

Michael Hobbs

This detail of my new cover photo (The Quarry) represents a more expressive and spontaneous development in my connection with abstract art.

Paul Krispijn

I work with acrylics, watercolours, pencils, pastels and digital vector/pixel based imaging. I am searching for natural organic shapes and colours to create visual experiences based on life, living organisms and the spectrum of human emotions.

dana qino

My name is Dana qino, my dream. I spread joy in the hearts of people and conveyed their suffering and joys and their sense through my paintings. I am a graduate of the arts for four years.

Catie Bragagnolo

Art Therapist. Art Model. Fine Artist

Jure Kralj

The world is not black and white so, i love black ink and white paper...

Joann Renner

Working in Expressionist style oils and pastels, I look for the unseen in architecture or scenes, that sense of people's experiences, those who built their communities. Examination of human reactions i.e. anxiety, depression, hope are paramount.

Ola-Dele Kuku

'Defining Ola-Dele Kuku as an architect is hardly accurate. You can additionally label him as a philosopher and an artist and a researcher but that still creates an incomplete picture of him'.
Kurt Vanbelleghem - curator.

Maurice Caplice

Maurice Caplice is an artist that works in Painting, Sculpture and Sound. Working in Clonmel and Dublin, Ireland.

For more information check out

Paul Macleod-Andrews

I don't try to finish a painting faster than it finishes itself... If you move to fast or force it, it loses its natural reality and tone.

Paul Macleod-Andrews

I don't try to finish a painting faster than it finishes itself... If you move to fast or force it, it loses its natural reality and tone.

Hubert Koenig

mittel-sym-badischer "50-er"
seit 1991 in Berlin
seit 2003 Gründungsmitglied von Wedding Art
2009 Initiator BAGL + BAGL09 + BAGL afFairs 2010
2010 bac - Berlin Art Club + 2012 bac 1st (K100+/QM2000)

Klaus U. Hilsbecher

My relationship to the material glass evolved in parallel with my other big vocation, the music.

Kerstin Heinze Grohmann

geb. 1968 - Cottbus / Brandenburg
- lebt und arbeitet seit 2004 in der Schweiz
2015 Nomination für Kunstpreis / Sparkasse Karlsruhe
2017 Einladung junges Talent C.A.R. Essen
2018 Bündner Kunstpreis / Jurypreisträgerin

Carl Schraefel

Collage, drawing, painting and mixed media


Artist from Greece.All my works are oils on canvas.I want people to feel what I am doing-not just see what I am painting.

The Mazeking

American artist The Mazeking officially began his art practice in 1998. The Mazeking is known for creating colorful, bold, and provocative artworks. He lives & works in New York City.

Eryk Giermak

"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone can see it ..."
Artist, gallerist and collectors have two things in common: love of beauty and desire for fair profit. The first is indisputable, the second gives meaning to operating on the art market.

Natasha Marson

I am dedicated artist with the special passion for atmospheric landscape painting. The nature is my only mentor and I am just a grateful student.

Ai-Wen Wu Kratz

My search in the visual art is spirituality, intellectualism and aesthetics. I draw my inspirations from literature, classical music, stage designs, vocal art, choreographic lines in ballet and contemporary dance.

Jure Kralj


Susan Willemse

I am a full-time artist living in Canberra, Australia painting with acrylics and airbrush on stretched canvas. My favorite subject matter is birds and I believe in mindfulness and the power of art to heal.

Silvia Schmitt

Specialising in figurative pencil and coloured pencil drawings with a focus on movie and animation characters

Frank Slabbinck

Belgian Artist

linda lennea

I am a self taught Canadian artist. I love all types of art work, but my first love is abstract painting.I paint from my imagine and I follow no rules.I was born and raised in the country side, where i still live with my 4 dogs and 1 cat.

Walter Zettl

Walter Zettl möchte Sie in die Welt seiner Kunst einführen. Erleben Sie die Kombination von brillanten Farbzusammenstellungen, enormer Dynamik von abstrakten und gegenständlichen Motiven, eine Welt, die das 21. Jahrhundert beschreibt.

mustafa orkun müftüoğlu

I reflect the feelings of human such as hope, anticipation, expectations, loneliness, fear and desire within a kind of symbolist and fantastic style.

Gyanendra pratap singh

M.f.a from university of Allahabad
New Delhi,India

Ulrich Willi Wandelt

- Mitglied der "Berufsvereinigung der bildenden Künstler Österreichs" -
... I don't go with the time ... I'm already in the future...

Claus Schierenbeck

Photoshop is my game

Paulo Sanches

"Alternative realities in the form of metaphors about real facts without actually producing a single allegory, but rather a set of disparate ones between them, or´s random........ so is Life! "

Stefan Miteff

1957 in Neustadt a.d.Weinstraße geboren 1980
Beginn mit der Malerei in Berlin seit/since 1989 bildender Künstler
visual artist lebt / lives in Deutschland / Germany und / and Bulgarien / Bulgaria

Wilma van der Lee

Ik woon in en werk in Groede, Zeeuws Vlaanderen. Ik ben dagelijks bezig met mijn kunst.
Schilderijen etsen portretten in olieverf en pastel, objecten in brons . Ik werk in opdracht en vrij werk.

Academies opgeleid. ( Symbolisch )

Pradip Sengupta

I am a visual artist from India. I have completed my M.F.A from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, presently working in Delhi. My paintings are the images of the world - as seen by my eyes.

Ifedilichukwu Chibuike

A versatile artist with experience in diverse art practices. He has a passion for waste upcycling. He sees value in waste all around us and create artworks which address the importance of the symbiotic existence of humankind and its environs.

Nabiha & Thom

Award winning artist couple working together since 1997. Besides many exhibitions in Germany, Nabiha & Thom´s works were shown in the UK, France, Italy, Austria, Syria, Russia, Latvia, Spain, Cambodia, Greece, China, the USA and in India.

Volker Mayr

Volker works in Berlin, was taught by his grandfather, the painter Otto Glossmann. Since 1985, abstract art predominate with references to abstract expressionism. "My pictures arise from all senses with love for enigmatic details".

Kloska Ovidiu

I cannot imagine how one can possibly see behind this work how much time and effort it took for me to develop this unique space that defines me now. I have discovered angels when I almost got drowned three times the same summer and I pray every time at dawn for God to exist. I have discovered real art in Iasi galleries an in the art albums from the second-hand book seller on Lapusneanu street. I have started then sleeping on pillows smelling like linen, with canvas on the walls and under the bed.I have never eaten paints, though in the first grades I drunk the water for the aquarelle. And here I am, young, continuously wandering and dedicated, sending invitations to an imaginary park for preserving the soul. Most of the plastic themes used, the symbols and shapes included in my work, are taken out from a reality spoiled by time, and then they are reshaped in a special way in my opinion. The most important theme is the wall.Constantly fascinated, this dynamism of shape opens up in a unique way, by projecting a sway of mind, a mind performance with neurological circuits. This is my “magic eye”.I believe that by uniqueness begins with the very capacity of inventing universe out of things shattered by time, things that have changed into ephemerity. There are hours that I spend staring at the mud, at the wrinkles of the trees, at the rust of walls damaged by time. It is an exercise that everybody should make. It means worming the spirit, getting in touch with the sublime. I am connected to silence and endless time during the short chat between things. Sublime. Esoteric. … And the night… that cold, fascinating light that makes things change their meaning, driven by an inner tremble that is known from a previous moment, fluttering through images.My visual relates with dreams, unconsciousness, delirium, hallucination, with the change of shape and light, with the spontaneous, illusion, abnormal and normal, bizarre and wear.My name is KLOSKA and I will be you host during your visit to the park of preserving the soul.FREE ENTRANCE!

Edmonda Berdilla

work many years at both drawing and painting, working mainly in tempera and acrylic paints. Take symbols and subject from my personal observations.

Yoko Yamamoto

I am a ballpointpen illustrator

alan weiss

Art & Architecture are what inspires me. Having worked in the field of architectural design since 1989, I am now re-visiting my passion for oil painting.
I do not know exactly where this road will lead, but enjoying every second of the process 🙂

Robert M. Hopkins

An American artist from California, Hopkins moved from downtown Los Angeles to China after finding romance in Beijing, where he has lived and worked since 2004. “My work continues to chart the inner geography and junctures of my creative journey”.

frank verreyken

I live and work in Antwerp, Belgium. I’m a painter and a photographer.

Jean-Jacques Argueyrolles

I don’t do art the regular way; I believe in giving dreams.

Daniel Chester

Professional visual artist living in the rural location of Leitrim, situated on the very west coast of Ireland. Predominately working with oil paint but using aluminium sheets as my painting surface. Inspired by the local landscape and weather.

Ronad Crowley

I am a self- taught landscape painter inspired by
Mother Nature and how she reveals herself to me.
I live and work in the Rocky Mountains.
Forever a student... Your artist, Rondo.

Mimi Revencu

I'm a Mirabilist artist.

Ben Kapteijns

I am a ceramic artist and teacher making handbuild unique glazed ceramic sculptures. I work in France as well as in the Netherlands.

Maliya Pandey

I am Maliya from India. Art is the most important part of my life.
I love sketching, portrait, painting, and landscapes. I can make anything realistic and freestyle but I prefer freestyle.

Mauricio Paz Viola

My works focus on the spiritual, the essential, on the cosmic union, the future…I aim to create paintings that can help the viewer in their spiritual growth, and I believe that to be the direction of art in this millennium

Morfeo-Art Zofingen

Rosa Lorenzo Iglesias

Laura Fonovich (Lalike)

I’m a creative with an eclectic educational path. In 2017 I started painting with light by inventing a new concept of abstract photography, "A Non-Existent Photography". My passion for Religions studies inspired me to create a hieroglyphic writing.

Vorden Art

I am a person whose passion is art, probably due to the fact that one of my key features is unusual sensitivity towards the surrounding reality. My paintings reflect unusual character of each moment I experience.

Jean-Yves Le Breton

Pour m'exprimer, toujours et encore ... selon mes pulsions!

Ali Asi

I was born as an Artist,

Ildar Minnegalimov

I portray my fear.
I hope people will be able to understand my soulful feelings like loneliness, emptiness and self-destruction

Vishwanath Mallabadi

I am a passionate artist and designer, I transform scrap into artistic works. I give second life to discarded electronics by transforming into gorgeous art. Decisively all my eco art works bring in new meaning & it also helps in reducing landfill.

Tran Tuan

« Through all forms, immersed in the universe. »

Hengameh Sadri

I was born in 1972 in Tehran.
My artistic activity has started with Iranian painting since 1988.
I have been teaching Iranian painting at the university for more than 20 years.

Галина Абышева

Я создаю картины в технике барельефа ,занимаюсь живописью в основном интерьерной ,хочется сохранить прекрасное и поделиться им с людьми.

Bernard Martin Peeters

Gehuwd (51j) met Anny drie kinderen en Vijf kleinkinderen

An artist, creating to create, but not artistic
A sidelined prince, Neither royalty nor ordinary.
An expert swordsman, But not a soldier
A scholar, but not at any school
A passionate lover, but not so passionate that I can not hide my love

PW Burger

PW BURGER is an artist and tutor of Fine Art from South Africa. He is an established professional artist that creates art that crosses boundaries of traditional art disciplines. Cross-disciplinary fine art practice with oil painting as main interest.

Andrea E. Sroka

Grenzen kenne ich in der Kunst nicht.
Meine Lebendigkeit vermittelt mir, dass Kunst zu schaffen
auch Luxus sein kein.

Ryuj Visual Art Studio

The Visionary “Imagining The Impossible” and a self taught artist specializing in abstract and expressionism painting.

Marcos Mello

Boa tarde, sou fisioterapeuta e artista plástico contemporâneo, de São Carlos- SP- Brasil, e geralmente minhas pinturas são em óleo sobre tela.

Shweta Singh

Art is an expression of self. It comes from within and observation is the key. I am a self taught artist. Pursuing art as a hobby. Photorealism has always enthralled me. I make charcoal drawings and looking forward to try more.

Laizyl Veranga

Every canvas is a journey untold.
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Lahiru Karunaratne

Traditional Artist | Sri Lankan ⚫
Passionate for drawing cars! ⚜
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Achraf El Karafi

24 Years old Moroccan broke digital artist.

Oladapo Giwa

I'm a visual artist..
A realist, expressionist.
I specialize in painting; portraitures, murals, abstract and the likes.
Y'all welcome to my page.

M H Graf von Liechtenstein Kastelkorn

Noble Arts - Fine Arts
Arts, Culture, Humanities charities promote artistic and cultural excellence and preserve artistic and cultural heritage.

José-Xavier Polet

At 70 years, José - Xavier Polet produces metonymic abstraction. crossboarding visual arts and cognitive science . He is a member of the Belgian national Council of fine arts of Belgium.

Susmita Nandi

I love positivity. I have completed MBA in HR and I love painting from core of my heart. I am also a working woman.

Ramananda Saikia

I am a surgeon by profession. Watercolor painting is my hobby. Like to capture the beauty of nature with the intricacies of Watercolor. Still a learner here..

Hilton Gelderbloem

I live in picturesque Cape Town, on the slopes of Table Mountain, overlooking Table Bay. For the past 40 years I have been working as a full-time singer/entertainer in different parts of the world. Sketching now forms part of most of my day.

Parid Dule

"Nothing is more beautiful than what does not exist"

Pareng Gerard

I am an artist in dumaguete and also i preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

Luis Prada

Toda la vida pintando, quitando horas al sueño. La familia y el trabajo pudieron mas que la pintura fin puedo dedicarle todo el tiempo

Maria Luisa  Gutierrez

I Love expressing myself through my artworks. I love to inspire people especially the young ones and add up more colors to their lives too...

Romeo Dobrota

With out any reserves I have been born to do sculptures, paintings. I love fine arts; they are my life. I studied sculpture, painting at the School of Art in Europe where I worked in clay, marble, wood, painting. My Website:

Klaus Carl Rasche

Connecting The Art World


The Art Network

Afroditi Zampetaki

Λατρεύω την ώρα που ο ήλιος δύει ή ανατέλλει ,είναι η ώρα που ο Θεός του σύμπαντος κόσμου παίρνει τα πινέλα του και βάφει τον ουρανό και τη Γή.