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Simon Berson is a native New York state artist known for his expressive, figurative wire sculptures and his more abstract engineered assemblages, and collages of drawings mixed with found images and hardware objects components.

Simon “draws” with ease in three-dimensional space, with wire as his ink. The thin metal strands lightly mark and bind empty space for the viewer to fill with their own imagination. Long, graceful lines accentuate his wire figures’ sense of motion. Leaping ballerinas and swinging athletes are among the human forms captured in cresting, snapshot moments of weightlessness or impact.



Growing up as a kid in Washington Heights, there wasn’t much extra money for toys. But we did have pipe cleaners with which to free our imaginations and explore and play like kids should play — with total unscripted abandon, free from the confines of predetermined toys. I used to skip school and spend days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Modern Art and the Guggenheim museums. The influence of Tanguy, Ducahamp, Picasso, Calder, Kandinski, Nevelson, Bontecue, and many others, is apparent in my work. After spending 30 years as a technical writer/illustrator, and raising five children, I am free to create on a full time basis.

The collage/mixed media all begins with a series of organic drawings (component parts), which are assembled into an overall superstructure. Technical illustrations/photos from technical journals, are added as necessary. The final step is adding light and shadow. It's a process that relies on serendipity, and aesthetics. The observer puzzles over the resultant images that combine organic and inorganic forms. Which is why I call it “Industrial Surrealism”. Do these images depict a kind of machine, or an alien landscape? In either case, the work invokes a thoughtful response.

The wire-based sculptures, an outgrowth of childhood pipe cleaners, is simply drawing in three dimensions and/or using the wire to interconnect various found objects into a coherent whole. I also incorporate screws, nuts and bolts as required to stabilize the structure. Some pieces also have internal lighting incorporated within.”

The Wall Street Journal International Magazine - 15 AUGUST 2018

14 Jul — 1 Sep 2018 at the Lois Lambert Gallery in Santa Monica, United States

Lois Lambert gallery presents in the Project Room “Brain Candy,” a series of never before seen drawings and collages by Simon Berson. These phantasmagorical collages combine trade-magazine cut outs of machinery with the artist’s own drawings. “Brain Candy” is filled with barren lands inhabited by colorful amorphous and robotic beings. Axles, gears, sockets, drill bits, and light bulbs meet bulbous shapes. Berson calls this work Industrial Surrealism. This is the world found inside the mind of Simon Berson.

Berson begins with his sketchbook. He draws soft and swooping organic forms colored in with looping strokes of colored pencil. Once finished, he selects drawings to cut out. Berson supported his family by working as a technical writer and illustrator. He still finds himself fascinated by images of technology, and subscribes to a variety of trade magazines. These offer him the mechanical imagery that Berson cuts out to combine with his drawings, and achieve an unexpected effect. The cold metal and plastic in the photographs make a playful juxtaposition against the soft colors and waxy texture of his colored pencils. Berson allows the pieces to grow organically, improvising with different combinations of cutouts until satisfied with the results. At times, these collage images combine seamlessly. It’s not until one notices the change in texture or range of color that one can detect where Berson’s drawings end and the magazine pictures begin. In other instances, various technological cutouts seem to form a convincing apparatus, but are interrupted by his billowing drawings. Berson’s chief objective is to “make the mind wonder and wander.” Serendipity is one of his favorite tools.

Berson was an avid science fiction fan as a child. These collages are not unlike science fiction: they use technology that exists to inspire the unearthly. This is a theme that is a constant in Berson’s life. He has taken the trappings of his professional life and turned them into truly unique works of art. This series is proof that inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places.

Simon Berson studied at the Pratt Institute and received his BFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University (Magna cum Laude). He has been in numerous exhibitions since the 1970’s in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Nevada, Illinois, and Switzerland.


Selected Exhibition History

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition New York, NY (1970- 1972)

Salmagundi Club, NY (1972)

Bergen County Chamber of Commerce, Paramus, NJ (1973)

Art in the Park, Montclair, NJ (1973)

Burlington County Hospital, Burlington, NJ (1974)

The Red Barn Gallery. Ridgewood, NJ (1975)

Gallery Elizabeth, Chicago, IL (1977)

International Sculpture Exhibition, Boston MA (1978)

Rene's Gallery, Soho, NY (1980-1984)

Sharp Electronics Corp. Mahwah, NJ (1982 - 1990)

Crestron Electronics, Inc. (1999-2012)

The Red Eft Gallery, Wurtsboro, NY (2002)

Art in the Park, Hillsdale, NJ (2003)

The Star Gallery, Middletown, NY (1999 - 2003)

The Stray Cat Gallery, Bethel, NY (2012)

The Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY (2013)


The River Tree Gallery, Kennebunkport, ME (2014)

The Cooper-Finn Gallery, Millbrook, NY (2015)

Maryland Fine Arts (Circle Gallery) Annapolis, MD (2016)

Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (2018)

Zurich Art Walk, Zurich, SW (2019)

Artists and Charity, Palm Beach, FL (2019)

Continuum, West Palm Beach, FL (2019)

United States
Fort Lauderdale
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