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I'm a British artist who has exhibited in Europe, Asia, and the US. I worked as a community artist in Scotland between 2005 and 2012, I started studying at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2012 and completed my MFA and Ph.D. in oil painting.

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My work develops from different positions, the first is research into a location and then developing my ideas from the stories both non-fiction and fiction, historical events and conversations with local people. The second is based around finding and rebuilding form used or local materials. The outcome of the process is a combination of architectural installations and performance. For each location and exhibition, each body of work consists of several parts. The central developmental part of my process comes through visualizing the research and painting,

Over the last six years, the focus of my work has been on developing architectural structures from research.
In some cases, they are based on ideas and events, such as the murder of an entire family and the ruins of the house that left behind. Where others more simply are constructed after asking questions to local people and reacting to the stories that I have collected. I use the information that is gathered as an archetype to research the historical context through local and global situations.

For me any subject or source can potentially lead to the research process and inform the artwork, what is playful can also have meaning. The installations I make are often made from recycled wood and represented as architectural forms. The forms are built to look as if caught somewhere between being made and unmade. A between state. The paintings and the performance are part of a conversation. I aim to give glimpses of information to the audience, not to provide a clear idea, but an idea that is open to multiple interpretations from which people can make their associations, based not just on the work but also to the space which surrounds the work and the individual experience of the individuals who look at the artwork.

My current work is about developing more entrance points to engage with the audience,
The investigation is a crucial point. The aim is to suggest and evoke a response. My work often looks abstract but it is developed from specific and non-specific references, the abstraction of these is the essence of something that is expansive rather than the complete. Abstract painting is fundamental to the process of the work, but rather than using pure abstraction. I am aiming to find a point where the imagery is on the edge of becoming something. A liminal stage between one point and another.


MEXT Research Scholarship (Japan) 2012 -2018

Merchant City festival Project fund 2011

Creative Scotland funding 2010

Scottish arts council funding 2008

British Bookshelf travel award 2008

The University of Reading 2002

Prize for sculpture

Hans Brinker prize for painting 2001


Selected Solo Exhibitions 

Surrogate structures  The Container, Tokyo, November 2017

Three forms (Installation) Senbyakudou Gallery, Tokyo, June 2016

Forms (painting) Senbyakudou Gallery, Tokyo, September 2015

A Libre Novus TANA Gallery Bookshelf, Tokyo, May 2014

(Installation, books and performance event)

The Architecture of Alliance Chateau 2F, Musashi Koganei, Tokyo 2013 

(Installation, photography and performance event)

Article Five Montgomery's, Glasgow 2010

(Installation, painting, video and performance event)

Without Which It Would Not Be       Project Room, Glasgow, 2009

(Installation, painting, video and performance event)

Selected Group Exhibitions

A narrative of space and time (installation)  Tokyo Geidai, Tokyo December 2017

Secret (painting installation) Trolls in the park -, Tokyo November 2017

Standing posts (Outdoor installation) Tenku Arts festival Nagano, Japan, October 2017

Under the Castle  Kameyama Triennial Mie Japan, September 2017

Thirty seven  (installation)  Nakanojo Biennale  Gunma, Japan, September 2017

I Park Biennale – Figure 48 (installation)    I-Park Residency, Connecticut, USA , June 2017

A work in Harmony (installation)   Turn, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Japan, March 2017

The Smallest Piece Jaala, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Japan, February 2017

Museum in the sky (Outdoor installation) Nagano, Japan, October 2016

Art In Yujuku (Video) Gunma, Japan, September 2016

UNDER THE SURFACE –Triptych Art Studio Dungeon, Tokyo, MAY 2016

(Installation, performance)

Kumano Kodo art exhibition Mie, Japan March, 2016

(Outdoor installation)

Field Trip (sculpture) NIE Art Gallery, Singapore August 2015

Interface - (Installation) Explosion Tokyo viewing room. Tokyo 2015

MFA Show – Narrow house, Tokyo Geidai Tokyo, January 2015

(Outdoor installation)

A Secret Place Trolls in the park, Tokyo November 2014

(Outdoor installation, sound piece)

SPVI - (installation) Turner Gallery, Tokyo June 2014

The Color of Sunshine Trolls in the park, Tokyo, November 2013

(Outdoor installation, performance)

Undiscovered Regions (installation) Cave Contemporary, Tokyo October 2013

Undressing (Installation painting)Tokyo Geidai, July 2013

Transmissions (sound piece) 3331 Tokyo and Airplane Gallery New York May 2013


Selected Publications

Liminal Structures - Published for Art Studio Dungeon, Tokyo, June 2018

Location as a catalyst Ph.D. Thesis Published for Tokyo University if the arts 2018

Surrogate Structures Published by The Container gallery, Tokyo, November 2017

A Libre Novous Published by The Tana Bookshelf gallery, Tokyo, June 2014

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