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ArtistBeamsville, OntarioCanada

Art forms the circle of my life, it is my universal language, it is the ultimate process to expand the mind and explain conscious/subconscious experience. For me, “ART is the root of smART” and the food to nourish and expand grey matter into colour.

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Shelley Batcules Gallery & Studio is located on the picturesque lower Beamsville Bench with a spectacular view of the Beamsville Escarpment. The Gallery is located on Bartlett Road in Beamsville along the famous Niagara wine route positioned just minutes from outstanding must see wineries such as Malevoire, Red Stone, Crown Bench, Tawse and Megalomaniac which can be seen from the Batcules Gallery & Studio front window and grand front porch which was completed in the fall of 2018.

As a previous CBC set decorators and art directors we designed the Gallery’s outdoor space to serve as an outdoor painting space for students and as an outdoor stage for performance collaborations. The Batcules Gallery & Studio is the ultimate venue set against Niagara farmland to watch the spectacular fireworks put on by these award winning wineries, often displaying fireworks simultaneously from all multiple locations and directions. Currently the gallery and studio is open by appointment and for select special events, however I welcome many curious patrons travelling the wine route that serendipitously stop by while I paint outdoors.

We welcome people to enquire about setting a date to visit and to find out about upcoming events. Embrace art and feel the inspiration! See you on the Beamsville Bench soon…

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My senses speak on conscious and subconscious levels teaching me that life is a classroom of infinite experiences in the realization that change is the only constant. Art is an opportunity to explore the human condition – where we are and the potentials of where we can go.

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Shelley Batcules is a Canadian artist born and raised in the Niagara Region, Ontario who comes from a rich artistic tradition as her grandmother Frances Scourfield (1915 - 2008) was a prolific oil painter from Reading, England who painted many portraits, horses, and landscapes in the romantic tradition of John Constable (1776 - 1837) which stimulated Shelley’s fascination with painting very early in life. Throughout childhood Shelley spent most of her free time drawing portraits and landscapes further tempting her strong desire to study art formally.

Shelley academic dreams were commenced when she attended Niagara College of Applied Arts & Technology for Communication Arts & Graphic Design Program in Welland, Ontario, Canada where she was honoured as valedictorian, and further awarded the Faculty of Applied Arts & Sciences Award for the top overall academic achievement.

Shelley turned her sights from a college certificate program toward a formal university degree and boosted her academic career and credentials through her enrolment in the one-of-a-kind joint program offered by the University of Toronto and Sheridan College Art & Art History Specialist Program (Toronto) which combined the academic strength of U of T art history in conjunction with the powerful studio art programs Sheridan College is renowned for. This invaluable academic and studio hybrid experience resulted in Shelley achieving her Nomination to the International Golden Key Honour Society, University of Toronto Chapter (1st Canadian Chapter) for being in the top 15% academic status in North America, a position on the Presidential Honour Roll (with distinction), and both Woolfitt’s and Stevenson’s studio awards for drawing and painting.

Batcules specialized in art history, minoring in the classics which stimulated her strong interest in cultural anthropology, the growth of artistic communication and its many and varied formal methods which gave way to many genres developed by diverse nations to express the rich geographical stories of people from across the world.


Abstraction provides a freedom to reach beyond what is simply seen in one physical dimension and consciousness, rather it transcends the body and explores the landscape of the mind and soul – to transcend to multiple dimensions - with a goal to reach or ignite the vast percentage of the human mind which is not used, lies dormant, and stricken by defined rules and belief systems that do not allow for the true belief in the expansion of human potential by holding the unknown close and not allowing ourselves to be in fear of it.

My passion is the study, experimentation and exploration of the theory of colour, line and form as it relates to the past, present and future to develop a distinct visual alphabet that manifests the ultimate goal of finding the key to divine proportion. The great ancient philosophers have been a long-standing fascination for Batcules, and the path to knowledge of Socrates and Plato has been a major influence and source of inspiration. Plato’s viewpoint on the theory of forms or the theory of ideas holds that non-physical (but substantial) forms (or ideas) represent the most accurate reality. For Batcules dreams often reveal powerful messages in various states such as forms, which later become conscious ideas.

Batcules and Abstract Painting

I use a distinct personal abstract layered, textural technique to create a visual alphabet comprised of patterns of dots, pixels and/or lozenges of colour.  Colour palettes are mixed using the scientific colour theory with the goal to create push/pull moving tapestries of complex psychological colour relationships and vibrations. The patterns and colour relationships can be harmonic and/or disruptive depending on the colour formula and palette, the movement and vibration of the pattern and how the composition forms the subject matter.

A key goal is to provoke the spectator with a powerful visual sensory experience that will provoke an open-minded approach to viewing new pictures and ideas which in turn promotes the power of new exploration, inspires discovery, and endorses people of all ages and from all places to embrace and appreciate new and unusual landscapes that have the potential to expand their horizons beyond that which is recognizable in the conscious concrete world only.

The Dream World and the Real World

I have a special interest in documenting visions and lessons I have experienced in very lucid dreams. I constantly look for new ways to translate the line between the dream world and the real world to attempt to capture the powerful sensations felt when being pulled from the subconscious dream state into the conscious layer - that sense of floating just below the surface of reality to suddenly jolt through the fog into wearing the skin of awakening in a fixed solid state is a primary curiosity.

A favourite theme is dualism and abstract compositions using scientific colour provides the perfect platform to document the human struggle between dark states of mind that push control mechanisms, societal subtexts and the “zombie-fication” movement to strip people of their individuality versus the power of free will, the liberation to see the truth in order to find the path to the light in life.

Everyday mixed media elements buried in thick paint are sometimes used to serve as meaningful hints for the viewer to consider psychological scenarios that juxtapose being awake in common sense or being in the deep sleep of illusion.


Mixed media materials provide vast opportunities to take abstract ideas to a new level in terms of texture, form and exhibition opportunities notably interior and exterior installations. Batcules is consistently exploring new materials and methods to bring artistic expression to many environments.

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Golden Key International Honour Society University of Toronto Chapter (Top 15% North America)

University of Toronto Academic Scholarship & Presidential Honour Roll

D.L. Stevenson & Son Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Woolfitt's Art Enterprises Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Niagara College Applied Arts & Health Sciences Faculty Award Valedictorian & Presidential Honour Roll

Beamsville, Ontario
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