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I continue to publish artworks that pursue Japanese beauty by participating in exhibitions and art fairs centered on Europe five to ten times a year. For my artworks, the beauty of surface and the beauty of inner are very important.

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Souske was born in Japan in 1969. But his first memory is in Russia. In his childhood, he lived in Russia and visited European countries. He studied Japanese painting at art school and traveled to Japan. It's to help him solve his identity. First solo exhibition, 1994. Since 2011, he continue to publish works that pursue Japanese beauty by participating in exhibitions and art fairs centered on Europe five to ten times a year. For his works, the beauty of surface and the beauty of inner are very important.

 Fine Artist O.Souske is, using traditional Japanese painting materials / techniques and mainly produces planar works.The main artwork series is “Bijin-Ga” = “beautiful female painting”.  There is, such as "landscape", "cat" in the other series.

The surface motifs are different, but what is common to each is "pursuit of beauty".

"Beautiful things" than "The theme or concept you want to express" is important for Souske's work.   I would like them to be "art in beauty", not "art for searching for answers" or "art for themes".  When the audience sees my artwork, "They forget the words" "My thoughts stop" is my hope. It is the same as the state that occurs when a person is looking at the beautiful scenery and sights.

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   *Born in Japan 


   First Solo exhibition. After that, a lot in Japan. 


   *Australia, Tom Dunne Gallery “Art Collection Sydney 2011”Participation 

   *Japan, Solo exhibition 


   *South Korea, “KIAF 2012” Exhibit 

   *Japan, Solo exhibition 


*Italy, la galleria mentana “Le vie dell’arte-Rassegna d’art internazionale”  in group exhibition

* and Gallerie 360 “Emozion ARTE”  in group exhibition 

*Australia, Wabi Sabi Garden Gallery “BOOM, An Explosion of *Contemporary Japanese ART”  in group exhibition 

*Japan, “SNIFF OUT 2013” Solo booth

* and, solo exhibition 


   *Italy, Gallerie 360 “NEW ART”  in group exhibition

   *France, “Salon Art Shopping 2014”  in group exhibition

   *Japan, PI Gallery “Painter 20”  in group exhibition

   * Italy, Gallerie 360 “Christmas EXPO”  in group exhibition


   *Italy, Gallerie 360 “LINGUAGGI DELL’ARTE”  in group exhibition

   * and S.Ambrogio Oratory in Milan “MILAN CONTEMPORARY”  in group exhibition

   *Czech Republic, Menes gallery “JAPAN ART & CRAFTS in PRAGUE”  in group exhibition

   *England, The Brick Lane Gallery “JAPAN NOW POP MODERN ART”  in group exhibition


   *USA, “New York Art Fear 2016”  in Gallery booth

   *and Ward-Nasse Gallery “ARTEX New York 2016”  in group exhibition

   *Japan, “Tokyo International Art Fear 2016”  Solo booth 

   *and “21th OASIS Art Fear in Osaka”  Solo booth

   *UK, Espacio gallery “Japan Now 2016”   in group exhibition

   *Netherlands, ”Rotterdam International Art Fear 2016”  Solo booth

   *Hong Kong, “Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016 sep” Solo booth

   *France, “Salon Art Shopping 2016 oct” Solo booth

   *Singapore “Affordable Art Fair 2016 nov”  in Gallery booth

   *Spain, “Balcerona International Art fear 2016” Solo booth 

   +JCAA, Received incentive award

   +Artavita, Online contest best 50 incentive award


   *Italy, Art Gallery Rome“ArtExpo Winter Rome 2017”  in group exhibition

   *Germany, “Japan Festival Berlin 2017”   in Gallery booth

   *Hong Kong, “Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017 mar” Solo booth

   *Singapore “Affordable Art Fair 2017 apr”  in Gallery booth

   *Japan, “Tokyo International Art Fair 2017”  Solo booth

   *Itary, Gallerie 360 “Arte Contemporanea Firenze” in group exhibition

   *France, “Salon Art Shopping 2017 oct” Solo booth

   *China, "Shenzhen City Art Fear 2017 dec" Solo booth


*Germany, “Japan Festival Berlin 2018”   in Gallery booth

*Hong Kong, “Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018 mar” Solo booth

*France, “Salon Art Shopping 2018 may” my team booth

*Australia, “Pop Japan 2018 In Brisbane”  in group exhibition

*UAE, Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery “Dubai meets the world”  in group exhibition

*China, "Shenzhen International Art Fear 2018” my team booth

*and, "Shenzhen City Art Fear 8th” 

+ Artmajeur, Silver award winning

+ ”In Art Magazine” (Italy), Cover of the book and articles

+ “The Development of Galleries in Greater Bay Area Summit Forum”


*China, Art & Harmonygallery (Shenzhen) “International Art Show”

*Germany, “Japan Festival Berlin 2019” 

*Japan, Gallery K “ARTEX TOKYO 2019”

*UAE, Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery “mini solo exhibition”

*Japan, Gallery Hinoki “ JCAA sellection 2019”

*China, SYART Gallery (Beijing 798 Art Area) “”

and, Ningbo Museum of Art “2019 Hands Across the Pacific Art Exhibition“

and, “The 22nd Art Expo Beijing”  in Gallery booth

Participation plan this year (2019):

OCT, China, Solo exhibition in the gallery

Nov, China ” Shenzhen International Art Fair 2019” in Gallery booth

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The painting of Sosuke is based on the technique and materials of Japanese paintings. Paint is "Iwa enogu". It contains natural ores and gems, crushed artificially made rocks (lump of ceramic glazes), shells, or crystals. They are sand state. Glue is “Nikawa”. It is a protein from the bone and skin of deer. The base material is "Washi" or “Silk". There are many works made by Japanese paper these days.

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