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... contemporary art; paintings/ abstract expressionism, urban- street art, sureallism, pop art; body art/ performance; installations ...

1993- 1998 Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, department of graphics arts ( Croatia )

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Spartak Dulić's  is one of the most versatile artists of Vojvodina, and his artistic practice besides painting includes performance, installation and sound works. The colours of Dulić's paintings are intense, but his painting method is what distinguished him the most. His paintings are unique blend of the tradition of organic abstraction and abstract expressionism with aesthetics and methods of contemporary urban mural painting and belongs to the generation of artists who emerged in the nineties at the time when multi-media art became mainstream form to which converged a multitude of artistic disciplines and procedures of post-conceptual art practice. Although he had academic education, his poetics early on included the art of installation and performance. His simultaneous experiments with sound and text, as well as aesthetics of comics and street graffiti, made him a true representative of the generation that considered avant-garde the self-evident strategy of connecting academic and popular cultures, and who practiced it spontaneously. Conceptual, material and technical aspects of this extensive creative discourse, Dulić most distinctively unites in the painting segment of his oeuvre. Selection presented at this exhibition includes paintings produced after 2008. Peculiar method of their execution Dulić had developed in the previous period, including small collages executed as the three-dimensional structure of superimposed colored paper. His large paintings are essentially painted reductions of these spatial collages to two dimensions; hence he considered them a derivative of the cubist solution of real space representation in two-dimensional painting medium. From this point on Dulić’s painting method involved many historically validated procedures, essentially making for a compendium of the significant portion of the 20th century painting experience. According the chronology of styles, Dulić’s consecutive appropriation of the surrealist automatism method is followed by the performative method of painting on the floor, circling around the canvas appropriated from Jackson Pollock, the founder of abstract expressionism. References to the historical painting methods are complemented by the unorthodox choice of painting material that includes a wide variety of working materials such as façade paint, enamel, spray paint and markers. The series of recognizable appropriated procedures ends with those of street art, graffiti and murals. The final result of Dulić’s painterly synthesis is colorful image of the dynamic dense insides that strongly associate at vivisected body or machine, or rather at their futuristic bionic amalgam. Dulić’s paintings are serious contribution to the rich tradition of organic abstraction, the style with which began the great revolution of abstract art, and which to this day remain one of its enduring characteristics.

Curator: Branko Franceschi (Gallery of Fine Art, Split/ Croatia)

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2007 director & curator of non-profit art Gallery “ dr. Vinko Percic “ Subotica, Province of Vojvodina, RS

(founder 2006 / owner of gallery it's city of Subotica)

2007 professor of art history- Gymnasium/high school "Svetozar Markovic" Subotica (RS)

2006 Croatian Restoration Institute, Zagreb, department of mural art

2001 –’05. professor/ teacher of professional courses in School for Applied Arts, Design and Textile, Osijek, teaching drawing and painting. drawing design, advertisement drawing, script, illustration, plastic design, drawing technics. CRO

2000 teacher of Art culture Primary School, Osijek CRO

1999 Croatian Restoration Institute, Osijek

1998 Croatian Restoration Institute, Zagreb



2003 group MEGATRON9/ utopie

2001 founding GRADDONJI, association for audiovisual contemporary art

Curatorial PROJECTS , Subotica,Province of Vojvodina/ Serbia, Gallery “ dr. Vinko Percic”

- '07. Ivan Tikvicki Pudar 21.01.1913- 15.12.1990.

- '07 Gallery “ dr. Vinko Perchic “ Subotica- collaboration whit Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Province Vojvodina,Novi Sad, project-SUBcOnTInental CAb

- '07. Boris Cvjetanović (CRO) exhibitions of photography

- '07. Stipan Kopilović 24.03.1877.- 13.03.1924.

- '08. Gallery Remont (RS)-presentation & convection of serbian contemporary art

- '08. Gallery ArtClinic (RS)- presentation activity of gallery

- 08. Gabrijel Savić (RS)- performance

- 08. presentation of Gallery “ dr. Vinko Perchic in the Museum of Modern &Contemporary Art, Province Vojvodina, Novi Sad, project-SUBcOnTInental Cab

- 08. Night of museum multimedia-happening (Ratka Lugumerski & Ksenija Kovačević)

- 08. VacuumPack, contemporary art group from Sombor city (RS)

- 08. Antun Bozicevic, sound installations, Zagreb (CRO)

- 09. Serbian contemporary painting (Aleksandar Jestrovic, Nikola Markovic, Nenad Kostic)

- 09. Gallery Kapelica (SLO) presentation & convection of gallery Kapelica- Jurij Krpan

- 09. Director Želimir Žilnik (RS) presentation & convection

- 09. Italian Institute of culture (Belgrade), multimedia & video, 19 artists from Naples

- 09. Project PLEH (CRO) (Kata Mijatovic,Zoran Pavelic, Marijan Molnar, Vlatko Vincek)

- 09. Igor Hofbauer (CRO) (exhibition of bill)

- 09. Dalibor Martinis (CRO) multimedia & video, happening

- 09 Zoran Todorović (RS) multimedia & video, performance

- 10. Vladimir Nikolic (RS) multimedia & video

- 10. Milica Rakic (RS) multimedia & video

- 10. Zoran Naskovski (RS) multimedia & video

- 10. Slaven Tolj & Sandro Djukic (CRO) multimedia & video, performance

- 10. Milica Tomic (RS) multimedia & video

- 100. anniversary of the birth Vinko Perčić (artists represented in the legacy Galleries)

- 11. Zlatko Kopljar (CRO) multimedia & video, performance

- 11. Sava Halugin (RS) drawing

- 11. Salvador Dali, graphics (SLO- Visconti Gallery)

- 11. Kristian Kozul, (CRO) sculpture

- 11. Vlasta Delimar & Milan Božić, multimedia & video, performance (CRO)

- 11. Igor Bošnjak, multimedia (BiH)

- 12. Andy Warhol, graphics (SLO- Visconti Gallery )

- 12. Night of museum multimedia-happening (Srdjan Milodanovic, Emil Kadiric, Miroslav Lazendic) (RS)

- 12. Vlasta Zanic, multimedia & video, performance (CRO)

- 12. Ivana Smiljanic, multimedia & video, (RS)

- 13. Love of subversion, curator Branko Franceschi, Avantgarde museum (CRO)

- 13. Uros Djuric, drawing,multimedia & video (RS)

- 14. Balint Szombathy, conceptual art & multimedia(RS)

- 14. Andreja Kulunčić, Socially engaged art (CRO)

- 15. Comixconnection, alternative comics / Beate Vild, Berlin (DE)

- 15. Igor Kordej, original comics (CRO)

- 15. Ilija Šoškić, performance, conceptual art & multimedia (ITA,MN)

- 16. Goran Trbuljak, drawing/graphics, (CRO)

- 16 Marica Radojcic, science and technology, multimedia & video (RS)

- 16 Stevan Kojic, science and technology, multimedia (RS)

- 16. Zeljko Kipke, film & video (RS)

- 18. Ivan Mesek, performance & multimedia (CRO)

- 18. Ivan Posavec, photography (CRO)


2018. Danube Dialogues/ The Use of Man/ PerformaNS, Province of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, RS

2017. Studio Josip Racic/ Modern gallery, National museum of Modern art, Zagreb, CRO

2017. Gallery Center, Varazdin, CRO

2016. Gallery of Art/ Split, CRO

2014 13th Days of performanceVarazdin/Pula- Contemporary Art Museum of Istria,CRO

2014 Modern Gallery, Subotica, province of Vojvodina, RS

2012 Gallery Laza Kostic, Sombor,RS

2011 Contemporary art Gallery, Pančevo, RS

2010 Gallery dr. Vinko Perčić, Subotica RS

2009 Contemporary art Gallery, Pančevo, RS

2008 Touch me festival, Zagreb, CRO

2008 Contemporary art Gallery, Smederevo, RS

2006 Remont Gallery, Beograd, RS

2006 Ghetto Gallery, Split, CRO

2005 Modern Gallery, Subotica, province of Vojvodina, RS

2005 City Museum Gallery, Vinkovci, CRO

2005 Gallery Kapelica,Ljubljana, SLO

2003 Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, CRO

2003 Matica Hrvatska Gallery, Krizevci, CRO

2002 Fine Arts Gallery, Osijek, CRO

2001 Mural,street art, Osijek, CRO


2018.Henry Stag Arts Collection - Exhibition in the "Museo della Città di Rovinj - Rovigno" CRO

2018. 18th Biennial of Art- Agents of Space, Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Cultural Center, Pančevo, RS

2018. 4th Biennial of Paintings,Croatian Association of Artist, Varaždin City Museum, CRO

2017.4th Biennial of Paintings,Croatian Association of Artist/ HDLU, Zagreb, CRO

2016. Triennial expanded artistic media, Art Pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzoric", Beograd, RS

2015 14th Days of performanceVarazdin/Pula- Contemporary Art Museum of Istria,CRO

2015. WonderLab, scientific/tehnological & performative content,

Museum of Contemporary Art (Province of Vojvodina, RS)

2015. Art in the expanded field / View the art scene of Vojvodina 1995- 2014 ,

Museum of Contemporary Art (Province of Vojvodina, RS)

2014. "Premonition, Blood, Hope" - Kunst aus Serbien und der Vojvodina

von 1914 bis Künstlerhaus Vienna, Austria 

2013. Gallery of contemporary art, Zrenjanin, RS

2013. Portas Abertas, Open doors, Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, PT

2012. Gallery of contemporary art, City museum Sombor,RS

2012. Art Takes Times Square, New York, U.S.A

2011. Mass MoCA- Massachusetts, U.S.A,

2010 Mural, Museum of street art, Zagreb, CRO

2010. Centro Civico Universidad, Zaragoza ESP

2009. Kade/ kunsthal in Amersfoort, NL

2009. 38. Saloon of Contemporary art, Novi Sad, province of Vojvodina, RS

2009. Max Art Feast, Zagreb, CRO

2009. Mural, street art, Batina, CRO

2008. biennal

2008. Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato ITA

2008. Gallery Sentro eksperimental de arte I Pensamiento. Madrid, ESP

2008. Attitudefest, Elementi- Bitola F.Y. R. of MAC

2008. Contemporary painting from province of Vojvodina, Modern Gallery, Subotica (Gallery Lazar Vozarević Sremska Mitrovica; Museum Zrenjanin; Gallery CulturCentre Vršac; Gallery Terra Kikinda; Modern gallery Subotica; Gallery Bel Art- Novi Sad, Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Province Vojvodina, Novi Sad,RS

2008 Henkel art award, Gallery house of bequest, Belgrade,RS

2007 FONA, Ok Gallery, Rijeka CRO

2007 Gallery “ dr. Vinko Perchic “ Subotica- collaboration whit

Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Province Vojvodina, Novi Sad, RS

2006 FONA, Ok Gallery, Rijeka, CRO

2006 Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Rijeka,30.years. video-art-INSERT, CRO

2005 Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 30.years, CRO

2005 Fine Art Gallery,Osijek, 30.years art colony of baranja, CRO

2004 SC Galery, Zagreb, CRO

2002 Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, Workshop, CRO

2002 16th Triennale of Croatian painting, Plavi Salon, Zadar, CRO

2002 18th Slavonian Biennale, Fine Art Gallery, Osijek, CRO

2001 HDLU, Waldinger Gallery, Osijek, CRO

2001 HDLU, Lurdy Gallery, Budapest, HUN

2001 2nd International Festival on Paper, Ljubljana, SLO

2000 Project Pax Danubia, Vukovar, CRO

2000 4th SC Gallery, University Manifestation, Zagreb, exhibition of graphics, CRO

2000 17th Slavonian Biennale, Fine Art Gallery, Osijek, CRO

1998 Vojvodina Croats Week, Klovicevi Dvori Gallery, Zagreb, CRO

1996 Annual Exhibition of students of Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Vladimir Nazor Gallery,CRO

important publication ... encyclopedic book "Chronotope of Croatian performance" from 1920 to 2010, Suzana Marjanic, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore/ Croatia 

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